Receive International Qualification
City & Guilds Advanced Diploma in Teaching, Training and Assessing Learning is an internationally recognised qualification designed to meet the professional development needs of individuals involved in delivering training and conducting assessments in the corporate and education sector.

This qualification offers career progression opportunity and is widely accepted by employers around the world as the benchmark for international standards.

Designed For
• Trainers / Teachers who have a basic qualification in training and are seeking an internationally recognised qualification for career progression.
• Those seeking a professional course to enhance their training, teaching and assessment competencies for improved applications to work situations.
• Individuals who are embarking on a new career in training, teaching and assessing learning in the education sector.
• New and existing internal corporate trainers from various departments (such as Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, Production, IT & Operations) who have not had formal education in training and assessment.

Unit 101 – Identifying learners’ needs
This unit aims are to enable the candidate to develop the necessary knowledge and understanding of the principles of learning and the application of these to learners and must include the following:
• identify the principles of learning, teaching and training
• recognise the basis for individual differences in learning and how this influences the delivery of learning
• identify the importance of communication skills.

• Teaching/training cycle
• Learning styles
• Principles of learning
• Identifying learning needs
• Action planning
• Completing records
• Interviewing and questioning techniques
• Resources to provide learning

Unit 102 – Plan and Prepare Learning
This unit aims are to enable the candidate to develop the necessary knowledge and understanding of the principles of planning and preparing teaching/learning sessions for individuals and groups and must include the following:
• describe the required outcomes of learning
• plan and structure teaching/learning and assessment activities
• select and develop resources to support learning
• devise an appropriate learning programme
• write session/learning plans
• plan evaluation.

• Writing aims and objectives for a learning programme and session plans
• Identifying and selecting appropriate teaching and learning methods
• Identifying and selecting relevant resources and materials
• Adapting resources and materials
• Obtaining resources within the organisation
• Preparing a learning programme
• Preparing structured plans from a learning programme
• Planning and preparing for the evaluation of sessions

Unit 103 – Delivering Learning
This unit aims are to enable the candidate to develop the necessary knowledge and understanding of delivering teaching/learning sessions and must include the following:
• use of appropriate training, learning and teaching techniques and methods
• establish and maintain an effective learning environment
• apply assessment and feedback techniques.

• Venue preparation
• Programme introduction
• Effective presentation
• Using appropriate resources effectively
• Organising group activities
• Effective communication
• Summarising and concluding each session
• Self review

Unit 104 – Assessing Learning Outcomes
In this unit, candidates will be able to develop the necessary knowledge and understanding of identifying the range of assessment methods available in teaching/learning and must include the following:
• describe different methods of assessment available in
• design and use an appropriate assessment activity.

• Principles of assessment
• Selecting appropriate assessment methods and types
• Conducting an assessment by using the assessment method chosen, conforming to any specific assessment requirements
• Making assessment decisions and giving constructive feedback
• Collating records and other information made since last assessment

Unit 105 – Evaluation of Sessions and Learning Programmes
The aims of this unit are to enable the candidate to develop the necessary knowledge and understanding of evaluation and must include the following:
• self-evaluation
• evaluation of sessions and learning programmes
• identifying areas for development and improvement.

• Learners and session
• Methods of evaluation
• Evaluating sessions and learning programmes
• Self evaluation
• Action planning for personal development

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