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Short Courses


Driving Innovation and Continuous Improvement

09/06/202010/06/20202 Days Seats Available
Innovative organisations grow twice as fast.Organisations that are successful at managing innovations and improvements out perform their peers...

Understanding & Managing Risk

10/06/202011/06/20202 Days Seats Available
Risk, from an organisation’s perspective is the probability or likelihood of a threat materializing. The threats could be...

7 Strategies for Building High Performance Teams

15/06/202016/06/20202 Days Seats Available
All Business operations can be reduced to three words: People, Product and Profits. Unless you have a good...

Organizational Ethics and Integrity

15/06/202016/06/20202 Days Seats Available
Business success today is not just about profit and Returns on Investment. Ethical principles now provide the foundations...

Strategic Negotiation For Effective Results

15/06/202016/06/20202 Days Seats Available
Managers constantly negotiate – usually on issues of critical importance to the organisation. Negotiating errors can be enormously...

Design Thinking for Managers

16/06/202017/06/20202 Days Seats Available
The business world continues to change rapidly. Changes in geopolitical systems, greater participation of the Connected Generation into...

Advanced Presentation Skills for Leaders and Managers

17/06/202017/06/20201 Day Seats Available
To be a professional presenter, you need to position yourself and your ideas in a way that will...

Complex Problem Solving

17/06/202018/06/20202 Days Seats Available
“You can never solve a problem on the level on which it was created.” – Albert Einstein In...
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