Advanced Presentation Skills for Leaders and Managers

Course Introduction

To be a professional presenter, you need to position yourself and your ideas in a way that will capture your audience – the first time and throughout the presentation. Logos information is logical and rational but a powerful presentation has interesting opinions added, coloured with imagery and enhanced with great personality!  The more you engage, the more content and motivation you retain.

This programme  presents the advanced  principles of  powerful presentation skills. It aims to provide participants with a platform to comfortably  explore presentation speaking techniques through challenging   tasks including practices in  individual and group presentations

  • Middle Level Managers across the departments
  • Be able to design and deliver engaging professional presentations
  • Speak with purpose and effect in a range of context and with the target audiences.
  • Expand your professional vocabulary to analyse, present ideas and express personal opinions.
  • Master the art of verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Understand and create powerful visual aids to complement your ideas.
  • Learn new techniques to add diversity to engage an audience.
  • Practically apply the learnings to deliver energy packed presentations!
  • This is an experiential-based interactive programme  that includes Short Lectures &  Interactive  Role-plays,  Individual Reflections, Group Activities and Peer Feedback, Facilitation for Group Dynamics, Analytical Discussions , Audio Video Presentations, Demonstrations and Hands-on applications

A Quick Review of Fundamentals

  • Structure of Presentations
  • Analysing the Audience
  • English language for presentations

Why Critical Thinking is an Important Part of the Presentation Process

  • Developing Essential Critical Thinking Skills.
  • Collecting data, researching and pre-writing
  • Organising content into CLUE and ending strong

Body Language and Persuasive Communication  in  Advanced Presentations

  • Mastering Non-verbal Communication
  • Grooming, Your Personality and Engaging the Audience
  • Role-play activities and short vids
  • Grooming and style quizzes

Delivering the Presentation Professionally

  • Maximising use of AV
  • Storytelling Techniques
  • Facilitation Techniques
  • Putting it all into practice