Behavioural Interview Skills for New Managers

Course Introduction

Research shows that Competency Based Interviewing approach has been effective as it enables the interviewer to obtain the relevant and crucial information concerning the candidates’ capability of handling both the job as well as competency traits that will match with the Organisation’s culture.

HR Directors, Managers, Professionals & Line Managers who are responsible for recruiting.

  • Understand the importance of effective hiring
  • List the stages of a Recruitment & Selection Process
  • Use Iceberg Competency Model & 4C’s model
  • Apply competency based interviewing framework, skills and tools
  • Identify the C.O.C.A qualities  of an interviewer
  • Know how to set the stage for an effective interview process
  • Develop  a  fair and consistent  interview  process  for selecting employees

A combination of Facilitator Presentation, Icebreaker activities, Group discussions/exercises,  Video Clips, Role Play & Experiential Exercise, Group Activities

Introduction and Importance of Interviewing

  • Introduction & Program Roadmap
  • Overview and importance of Hiring and interviewing Skills


Recruitment & Selection Process

  • Stages of Recruitment & Selection
  • Competence Model– Iceberg Model
  • The 4Cs for Candidate Suitability – Competence, Compatibility, Chemistry & Compensation


Qualities of An Interviewer

  • Essential Interviewer’s Qualities
  • C.O.C.A Model – Connecting, Observing, Communicating, Assessing


Competency Based Interview

  • Establish Interview Objectives
  • Review available documents and identify any gaps in employment
  • Prepare Competency Based Interview Questions
  • Plan Interview Structure
  • Interview Skills & Tools
  • During Interview
  • Evaluating, Deciding & Following Up
  • Comparing and evaluating candidates


Finalising the Selection and Follow Up

  • Tips for a Successful interview and selection
  • Red Flags to take note
  • Negotiation on Compensation & Benefits
  • Reference Check for Successful Appointment
  • Preparation for On-boarding