Building Customer Relationship

Course Introduction

This programme energisers participants to the business impact and strong benefit of creating strong and lasting customer relationships! Participants will learn that when they know how to create strong customer experiences   and satisfy customers, they will  begin developing  a  powerful  foundation  of their business  success  and not only secure  strong profitable returns but also build a  strong differentiation from their competition.

An overview  of building customer  relationships  will present  how customers  can be retained  to be loyal customers  which would translate to achieving desired and profitable business outcomes.

  • Sales Executives, Business Executives/Managers,
  • Retail Executives/ Managers, Operations Executives/Managers,
  • Brand Executives, Business Development  Executives/Managers and Entrepreneurs
  • Learn the importance of delivering positive customer experiences and achieving customer satisfaction as a source of customer loyalty and business profitability.
  • Learn the fundamentals of developing good customer relationships in securing repeat businesses and achieving business goals
  • Interactive multimedia presentation
  • Facilitated group exercises and presentation
  • Group energizers and games.

Customers – How are they important?

  • Customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention
  • ‘Moments of Truth’ and creating great customer experiences.
  • Business impact on creating strong customer value
  • Role of customers in effective marketing planning for business success.

Fundamentals of good customer relationship development.

  • Getting communications right.
  • Customer relationships – How to be successful?
  • Customer loyalty program strategies.
  • Handling difficult customers.