Building Self Confidence

Course Introduction

Success and confidence are inextricably  linked. Success comes to those who believe that we will be successful. Many would like to choose what they want in life but seldom do so. Are you one of those? The program offers you the steps to self-fulfillment that can positively transform you and your life. It would provide insights and a fresh view that will energize, enliven and change your mindset.

With a pragmatic approach, you will be able to tackle your fears and worries that had bogged your confidence in moving forward in your career and your life. This new confidence will begin to bring happiness into all that you do and touch others around you.

Practical and professional   advice, guidance to  life  and work experiences will enrich your being, broaden your outlook and build a better tomorrow with greater values and ethics. It will create a strong foundation for confidence in self, team, organization, and also for the nation.

This program would get you to working harder, having higher standards, demanding excellence around you, upholding your values, creating positive energy, and drawing people together as a collective power at work and play.

Often  confidence  separates the winners from the losers, but this program builds winners as confident individuals who are able to set high expectations and instill confidence in others.

  • New Supervisors, Executives, Administrative & Support Staff
  • Anybody needing a boost in their confidence
  • Change your approach to the way you carry yourself and work with others
  • Build the confidence in one’s abilities and skills
  • Give yourself the special lift in confidence and be a beacon of hope
  • Practical application, interactive sessions with role plays, personal coaching, sharing sessions and workshop oriented activities.

Understanding the Importance of Creating Confidence

  • Valuing the Different Aspects of Confidence
  • Understanding People and Work
  • Delivering Confidence: Work of Leaders

The Art of Building Confidence

  • Facing Reality and Reinforcing Responsibility
  • Developing Win-Win Situations for People
  • Inspiring Proactive and Creative Actions


Practical Steps in Building Your Confidence

  • Boosting Your Communication Abilities and Skills
  • Fostering Excellent Social and Business Behaviour
  • Demonstrating Your Professionalism

Lead On: Fulfill Your Dreams

  • Loving Yourself, Others, Life and Work
  • Building Moral Courage to Excel in Everything You Do
  • Believing You Can Excel and Reach for the Sky