Challenge The Process

Course Introduction

Organisations today are faced with daunting challenges:

  • Change is everywhere. Being in business today is like being in permanent white water.
  • Whirlwinds of technological advances accelerate this rate of change and uncertainty.
  • Leaders need to find new and better ways of doing things in order to improve.
  • Leaders need to search for opportunities to change the status quo
  • Leaders need to look at innovative ways to improve the organisation.

This programme is designed to develop leaders and teams looking for opportunities to challenge and change the status quo.

Leaders will learn how to provide an environment to challenge the way things are currently  done in order to discover new and better methods.

•  HODs, Managers, Team Leaders, Executives

  • Overcome the fear of change and understand the need for change and know the impact of remaining in the “comfort zone”.
  • Define and clarify the roles needed to manage change and able to manage resistance to change
  • Identify the methods to be used to provide an environment which will encourage innovation.
  • Identify the steps and techiniques to ignite “improvement thinking”in their organisation.
  • Apply the skills and techniques in searching for opportunities to change the status quo.
  • Apply the skills and techniques to  encourage  the spirit of experimenting and taking risks.
  • Identify the process of change and the need to develop a proactive to change approach.
  • Understand the various roles in changes and managing resistance to change.
  • Become a  Solutions   Focused  leader.Move  away from problem focused thinking.There is always a solution for a problem.

This programme is an experiential based and highly interactive. You will learn from your experiences through various activities including Lectures, Group activities,  Presentations,  Case studies, Videos

We are in White Water

  • We are in Permanent White Water
  • Business Environment Today: Constant Churning & Changing
  • Skills needed to deal with White Water
  • Preparing for White Water

Searching for Opportunities

  • Make Challenge meaningful
  • Innovate and Create
  • Looking outward for fresh Ideas

Experiment and Take Risk

  • Incremental steps
  • Small Wins
  • Learning from Mistakes

Change and Leadership

  • Leading Change
  • Communicating Change
  • Building the culture


Innovation at Work

  • Innovation vs Invention
  • Change “ Business as Usual”
  • How innovation transforms the Company

Make Something Happen

  • Why are we doing it this way?
  • How can it be done in a better way?