Coaching & Mentoring Skills

Course Introduction

Coaching and Mentoring has proven to be an effective Human Resource Development initiative that can contribute to an organization’s talent development strategies significantly.
Coaching and Mentoring programmes are only found to be effective when the Coach & Mentors have a very clear understanding of their individual roles, responsibilities and expectations. They need to also acquire specific competencies to coach and mentor effectively.
Effective coaching and mentoring skills drive all successful organizations. Coaching and Mentoring creates a strong and positive engagement which translates into a high performance culture
This workshop is designed to equip current and future Mentors with Coaching and Mentoring competencies for them to effectively execute their specific roles in order to achieve the desired outcomes of the Programme in the organisation.

  • HODs, Managers,  Team  Leaders,  Executives  &  High Potential employees

• Understand the difference between Coaching, Mentoring, Consulting and Counselling
• Discover the benefits of Coaching & Mentoring for all stake holders
• State the roles and responsibilities of a Coach & Mentor
• Gain 5 Power Tools to be an effective Coach and a Mentor
• Apply Coaching and Mentoring Skills
• Apply effective coaching models as a tool for Mentoring
• Plan and monitor Coaching & Mentoring effectiveness
• Demonstrate behaviours to develop trust and respect as a Coach & Mentor

Session 1
• Define Coaching and Mentoring
• Differences between Coaching, Mentoring, Counselling, Consulting
• Types of Coaching & Mentoring Models
• Benefits and impacts of Coaching & Mentoring
• Coaching & Mentoring Guiding Principles
• Qualities and Skills of Coach & Mentors

Session 2
• 5 Coaching Core Competencies
• Application of Core Competencies
• Individual and Group Reflection

Session 3
• Overview of Coaching framework and models
• Solution Focus Approach
• Coaching & Mentoring Labs

Session 4
• Commitment Conversation
• Trust Formula
• Giving effective feedback Coaching and Mentoring Labs