Communication Excellence with NLP

Course Introduction

The goal of this programme is to bring out the great communicator in each individual using NLP tools to positively influence others via an effective communication strategy using NLP tools. It will also increase individual’s trust on the power of communication to be perceived as a great leader and acquire the art of probing to encourage others to start talking, product/service benefit elaboration, followed by ‘sell to themselves’ statements.

First Level and Middle Level Managers

• Understand the link between Communication and NLP
• Identify individual’s communication style and preferred NLP representational system
• Identify the dos & don’ts in communication
• Apply open & close ended questions
• Be able to give and receive constructive feedback and have courageous conversations

Experiential learning using Individual & Group Discussions, Presentations, Team Activities and Video Presentation

Overview of Communication
• Communication modes
• Challenges in communication
• How to overcome the challenges?

• Definition
• Representational System Preference
• Rapport Process

NLP Communication Model
• Deletion, Generalization, Values, Beliefs Decisions

The Essential 3Vs
• The importance of Visual, Voice and Verbal Non verbal communication

The Art of Listening & Probing
• Listening vs Hearing
• Open ended & Close ended Qs

Giving & Receiving Feedback
• Why we need to give and receive feedback?
• How to give and receive feedback?
• Focus on the task, not the behavior

Courageous Conversation
• Straight to the heart of the matter

Tactful Reprimands & Appraisals
• Corrections when needed
• Congratulations when necessary