Consultative and Relationship Based Selling

Course Introduction

Increasingly companies are moving away from transactional selling to consultative selling and relationship based selling and this 2-days programme focuses on how you can apply the principles of consultative selling and relationship based selling for improved sales performance.

This programme will also incorporate the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to develop the skills to influence by having an understanding of the psychology of people and their communication model. NLP is an advanced tool used by many successful professionals in a whole range of activities. The simplicity of the tool plus its effectiveness makes it a much sought after edge of today’s professionals.

Participants will learn, practice and assimilate these skills into their daily activities until they become unconsciously competent in these skills.

  • Senior Managers, Managers and Executives responsible for leading and managing sales function.

At the end of this programme, participants will be able to:
• Understand the concept of consultative selling and how it differs from transactional selling
• Identify consultative selling process
• Identify the core elements of relationship based selling
• Analyse customer profile and needs and the arising implications
• Develop strategies for relationship based selling
• Apply Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques to build rapport and enhance the ability to influence others

Programme is delivered in a highly interactive and experiential way. Concepts and background information are presented through group exercises, discussion and activities creating an environment that facilitates accelerated learning and application. Each activity will be thoroughly de-briefed to link the learning to real life situations.

Introduction & Welcome
Programme Objectives
Personal Objectives

Consultative Selling
Transactional vs Consultative Selling
Consultative Selling Process

Understanding Customers
Customer Profiling
Customer Needs Identification
Asking the right questions

Relationship Based Selling
Core Elements of Relationship
Practicing Relationship based Selling

Communication Style
Identify Different Types of Personality Style
DOPE Personality Quadrant
VAKOG – Representational System

Power Persuasion
Most Persuasive Words According to Science
Hypnotic Story Telling To Engage Your Client
Crafting A Compelling Story/Pitch

Building Rapport using NLP
Introduction with Impact
Building Deep Rapport
Using Rapport to Influence Prospect to BUY

Subliminal Influence
Creating A Lasting Relationship
Staying @ “Top Of Mind”

Account Management Mindset
100% Commit
Short Term VS Long Term
Hunting VS Farming

ABC – Always Be Closing
Closing Timing VS Technique