Customer Service BluePrinting

Course Introduction

This programme is an industry-driven  service design programme for all organisations  and businesses  at the forefront of offering exceptional customer  experiences. Apple doesn’t  just develop the iPhone and Zappos doesn’t  simply sell shoes. Their products  are not differentiators; their services are. Companies that embrace the shift from commodities to services, and open their minds and R&D strategies to open innovation will thrive (Chesbrough H., 2014). In view of the strategic importance of ‘Services’ in our economy, this programme aims to further enhance your service level.

  • Leaders of businesses, leaders of service providers, senior managers, managers and senior executives in any service or related environment
  • Guided to create a service blueprint for their own organisation and develop a higher  level of service offering, culminating in service excellence via process improvements  and service innovation
  • Able to comprehend the nature of “service” better
  • Appreciate “customers” as the key valuable component  in their service supply chain
  • Group-based brainstorming & exercises
  • Case studies, short videos, quizzes


  • Understanding “Service” from Inside-Out
  • Co-creation of Value
  • Service for Total Customer Experience
  • A new concept: Responsible Service
  • Service Excellence Culture
  • Competitive Dimensions for Service

Service Blueprint

  • Introduction to Service Blueprint
  • Overview of Service Blueprint
  • Service Blueprint In Action WORKSHOP

Service Improvements

  • Service Improvements
  • Discover the practicality aspects of Service Blueprint for your Operations
  • Service Level Improvements
  • Service Blueprint In Action WORKSHOP

Innovation and Change

  • Importance of Innovation
  • Leading Change
  • When Things Go Wrong

Wrap up