Developing Professional Skills for Executives

Course Introduction

The dynamic  21st Century demands changes in work and personal life as never before. You need to be prepared mentally and acquire cutting-edge skills to perform your job effectively.  This programme will benefit you in two ways.  Firstly,  you will experience  a  new readiness to perform.  Secondly, you will acquire proven skills to help you excel in your work. This programme will help you develop vital habits and administrative skills that will increase your productivity and effectiveness.

  • Administrative & Support Staff
  • New Supervisors & Executives
  • Recognise that true motivation comes from within, not dependent on external rewards and with that, success is dependent on one’s own effort, hence the need to constantly improve administrative competencies
  • Evaluate your productivity at work and personal life
  • Know what separates effective people from less effective people
  • Know how to manage your work and your boss better
  • Prepare for growth to seize advancement opportunities
  • Contribute as a team player for personal and organisational growth
  • Short Lectures
  • Group Discussions: Role-plays
  • Case Studies & Practical Exercises

Self Management

  • Key to Growth, Vital Components, Personal Audit

Self Improvement Techniques

  • Self Image Visualisation, Positive Self Talk, What Do You Want? Preparing for Opportunities
  • What is Success? Effective Habits, Profitable Qualities: ASK EH

Win-Win Teamwork

  • Synergy, Dependence-Independence-Interdependence

Improving Communication

  • Listening, Probing and Informing Skills

Managing Mails

  • Outgoing & Incoming Mails, Responsiveness

Managing Emails

  • Advantages, Disadvantages, Email Etiquette

Managing Information

  • Classification, Folders, Updating

Working With Your Boss

  • The Five-Type Personalities,
  • How To Get Along With Them

Setting Goals for Growth

  • Goals Audit, Short Term & Long Term Goals