Dynamic Personal Development

Course Introduction

Administrative and support staff provide important support services to an organisation. Their job tend to be routine and hence demanding on patience and perseverance. Their job also often bring them in direct contact with customers. Thus their motivation and dedication in their jobs have direct impact on customers and on the public image of the organisation. This two-day programme is designed to build and create positive impact to help you realise the importance of your job. It will help you stay positive through self-motivation techniques and positive work attitudes.

  • Administrative Staff, Support Staff, Executives & New Supervisors
  • Apply a range of management skills which will enhance your confidence and ability to manage
  • Set work and personal goals
  • Apply techniques for self-motivation at work
  • Use good communication skills and avoid or reduce communication breakdown
  • Work well with other personality styles
  • Become a good team member and player
  • Contribute effectively in team decision-making
  • Give positive commitment to team and organisation

This programme  focuses on skills development.  The experiential learning approach would be adopted:

  • Theoretical foundation building through short interactive lectures.
  • Subgroup activities.
  • Short video clip presentations and discussions.
  • Career Planning
  • Self Evaluation and Self-Motivation
  • Goal Setting
  • Personal Success
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Identifying and Overcoming Communication Barriers
  • Understanding and Identifying Personality Styles
  • Strategies for Relating Effectively with Different Personality Styles
  • Strategies for Influencing
  • Working with Dynamic and Positive Teams
  • Team Decision-making
  • Comparing Between Effective and Ineffective Teams