Effective Middle Management

Course Introduction

This programme is designed to help senior managers, managers and executives to refine their understanding of people, team and organisation that is essential to achieve excellence in the workplace. It will also help to improve job process and boost employee’s morale.

  • Middle Level Managers across the departments

• Understand the work expectations

• Be proactive

• Dare to lead and motivate

• Listen actively

• Communicate clearly

• Develop better understanding and cooperation through motivation and teambuilding

• Acquire techniques to motivate self and teams

• Enhance the support of the team through coaching and organisational development

• Manage different and difficult situations

• Keep priorities

• Gain practical action to achieve better productivity and performance

Introduction To Effective Management
• Ice Breaker
• Be What You Want To Be

Ground Rules For Working With Others
• Seven Deadly Diseases
• Success Matrix
• The Richard Lewis Case: The Unorganised Manager
• The Coming of the New Organisation

Managerial Leadership
• Improving Our Managerial Leadership
• What is Leadership?
• The Art of Bossing
• Managerial Power

Effective Communication
• Active Listening Skills
• Writing Skills
• Presentation Skills for Managers
• Reading Body Language

Human Relations in Management
• Personality and Personality Tests
• Understanding Other People
• Improving Perception
• Human Relationship Skills

Motivation and Teambuilding
• What is Motivation?
• How to Motivate Yourself and Others
• Teambuilding Techniques
• Belbin’s Technique for Effective Teams

Coaching and Developing Subordinates
• What is Coaching?
• Coaching Effectiveness
• Developing Subordinates Effectively
• Enhancing Subordinates’ Efficiency

Time, Stress and Conflict Management
• Analysing Organisational Time Wasters
• Prioritising is Key
• Managing Stress
• Have a Win-Win Situation