Effective Problem Solving & Decision Making

Course Introduction

This 2-day programme  lays the foundation  for effective problem solving and decision  making  for newly appointed  executives and supervisors. The strength of a chain lies in its weakest link. Training executives and supervisors in these competencies will help to optimise the effectiveness of the organisations’ management team in problem solving and decision making.

  • Executives/Supervisors who have not yet been trained in problem solving and decision making
  • Effectively solve problems at the first level of management
  • Better contribute to maximising  company productivity  through preventing potential problems from happening
  • Resolve problems which arise at work
  • This course is based on interactive learning via group discussions and exercises,  real case studies and participants  will  have to write down individual plans to implement what is learnt from the programme.
  • Analysis of situation to identify problems and opportunities.
  • Analysis of a problem, symptoms, cause and effect.
  • Problem solving:

o  Objective to be achieved

o  Assumptions to be checked for validity

  • Search for ideas/solutions
  • Formulate solutions
  • Evaluate a decision
  • Identify potential problems
  • Choose best-fit solution
  • Develop an action plan
  • Build in monitors to assess progress of plan
  • Build in contingency plan to steer performance towards success
  • Implement the action plan