Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for Personal and Workplace Success

Course Introduction

Tap into a new resource of people management and learn fresh ways to achieve mind and emotional balance. “If you look at star performers in corporations around the world, emotional intelligence (EQ) matter twice as much as IQ and cognitive  capacity and technical  skills combined.” – Daniel Goldman, Harvard-educated psychologist and author.

In this programme, you will explore the emotional side of yourself and how to better use your natural inner working to your greatest benefit. You will learn ways of dealing with yourself, your challenges and stresses, and those around you in a more human and humane way while still meeting your goals at work. You will also discover your EQ and how you can further  develop and use it to your greater benefit. Ways to balance tasks and relationships at work and put them to immediate use, keeping them and your team in peak performance will also be covered.

  • New Managers & Managers
  • Supervisors and Executives
  • Two days of highly active, brain-based, and experiential learning based on 50 years of practical teaching experience and featured as a model in Daniel Goleman’s “Emotional Intelligence.”
  • This programme follows Six Seconds’ EQ model for skills to develop and apply emotional intelligence with a range of effective tools that can be adapted in your professional and personal lives.
  • Able to apply the model immediately with your colleagues such

as being a role model  for EQ, understand their actions and thoughts, needs alignment and congruency, evaluate their patterns or bad habits and seek to improve, analyse the implications of each choice diligently and build trust in teams.

A  mix of presentations, role plays activities, using the integrative Learning System (ILS) approach to internalize the learnings of the workshop.

Technologiesused   will  include Multiple Intelligences,  Interactive Learning, the Dunn & Dunn’s  Learning  Styles and EQ (Emotional Intelligence)

Know Yourself

  • Benefits of EQ – maturity, focused, empathy, ‘Think Before You Leap’
  • Emotional Expressions – label your emotions correctly
  • The Brain – control your emotions
  • Negative Patterns / Bad Habits and how to change

Choose Yourself

  • Choice and Implications
  • Change Mechanisms – handle difficult situations and adapt to changes
  • Consequential Thinking
  • Exercise Optimism in the face of challenges
  • Intrinsic Motivation

Give Yourself

  • Empathy with  EQ insight
  • Relationship building – use EQ insight as a bridge  for leadership and teamwork
  • Principled living – leadership in practice

Leadership Application

  • EQ in teamwork – improves productivity and unity
  • EQ in professionalism – earning respect is tough
  • Next Steps and Goal Setting – sustain learnings in work and personal life

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