High-Impact Manager

Course Introduction

Knowledge and skills are insufficient by themselves. What matters more is how you manifest and use your knowledge and skills in the workplace, and how you interact with others in your team. This involves genuinely connecting with people, and speaking in ways they understand. As a high impact leader manager you need the “Mind-works” of your colleagues and subordinates in order to translate it into action. Of greater importance for getting superior output from them is “Heartworks” which will translate into “Handworks”. This particular management and leadership dimensions also requires self-awareness, reflection and continuous openness to learning and hands-on management.

This programme is designed to give the participants the concepts and tools for the understanding of the science and art of High Impact Management. Concepts such as human behaviour, leadership, positive mental attitude, workplace environment, processes, management versus leadership, personal development and a heightened sense of awareness.
The High Impact Management Programme enables managers to rise up to the challenge. Delegates are exposed to ‘macro’ issues such as organisational structures, incentives, and informal networks to ‘micro’ topics like managing performance, providing and using feedback to enhance personal and professional growth.

  •  Executives and Managers who want to step up their career ladder.

• Understand the “BIG PICTURE” and how everything fits in it
• Understand how organisations work and how to develop and use your professional network to achieve your objectives
• Learn how to create and maintain a committed high-energy and high-performing team with a sense of purpose
• Enhance ability to obtain results through others by improving self-awareness, motivating your team, and influencing your organisation
• Identify the various concepts of managing and leadership
• Identify and apply the concept of creativity and innovation in the workplace
• Introducing the concept of creative strategic thinking to delegates to enable them to see things from a “future proofed” holistic and big picture perspective
• Identify performance improvement ideas and translate them into implementable actions
• Perform a self-audit on the areas of managing that they need to develop and improve further and come up with a Personal Development Plan (PDP)© for them to continue their self-improvement

The use of modern learning approaches coupled with a hands-on team based approach will greatly enhance the learning and absorption of knowledge and skills. The participants will be exposed to the use of presentations, discussions, and team learning with a strong slant towards applied learning to enable them to apply the skills and knowledge to their workplace.

• The Evolution of Leadership
• Types of Managers
• Dynamic Management
• Influencing by Being a Shared (Operating) Vision
• Setting the State
• Challenges to ‘Hi Impact Manager’ Vision – the Contradictions
• Buying-in and Lightening the Load – the Strategies
• Managing the Heart and “Head”
• Influencing Skills and Impact on Results
• Creativity and Innovation – Role and Value
• Performance Management
• Critical Thinking and Managing
• Effective Communication
• Personal Development Plan (PDP)©