Inclusive Leadership for Emerging Leaders and Managers

Course Introduction

The world has seen some great leaders, from those who conquered and ruled by brute force to those who saved the world by compassion and charisma. We have had autocratic leaders, democratic, laissez- faire, trendsetters, servant leaders just to name a few. In more modern times we saw transformational leaders, situational leaders and combinations of all those above. But as the world is becoming more dynamic by the very nature of man’s desire to be better than the previous generations, leadership is no longer a style or a mere theory in textbook. Nor is it something that can be simply copied by watching others.

To become a naturally engaging leader of real significance, one must start from within. That creates originality. And anything original has YOU (your own uniqueness) in it. Inclusive Leadership provides a profound leadership journey for exploring and emerging the modern- day leader, hidden within YOU.

  • Directors, Senior Managers, Managers
  • Become original, authentic and become inclusive at the core of the self.
  • The originality of YOU.  Just to be you requires  extraordinary intelligence.
  • Tap into that enormous power to create and make a difference in ones own life and that of others. In the process, inclusivity emerges and empowers the leader within.
  • Inclusive Leadership is a leadership journey not just a workshop. It is journey of experiencing the leader within a group setting.  It pushes your own limits yet it is all embracing.
  • Inclusive Leadership has its own unique process. Participants learn every moment by paying attention  to the surrounding  and their senses. Apart from that, specific experiential activities are designed to enhance the leadership journey. The methodologies include self work, small & large group exercises, interactive moments,  plenary, open space and lecturettes

The following  activities are carefully picked and put together from a whole  range  of Leadership and Process work theories to create inclusive leadership for modern-day workplace and organisations.

Psychic Buddies

Synopsis:  This is an icebreaker activity to create bonding amongst participants

Outcomes:   create the platform for opening up to the workshop

Small Group Activities on Leadership Presuppositions

Synopsis:  Participants  work in small groups to internalise  and acknowledgement of the voices of judgments.

Outcomes:   Shifting the way we see ourselves in understanding and dealing with the generational gap issues and the need of current workforce.

Exclusive versus Inclusive

Synopsis:  Participants work in small groups to differentiate the two different modes of leading.

Outcomes:  Understand the tipping point of being inclusive.

Introduction to the EACH principle (Empowerment, Accountability, Courage and Humility)

Synopsis:  Participants  delve in these four concepts  in current modern-day setting in workplace by having a variety of different  learning  experiences. There will be debates, videos, videography and playback  and prototyping of workable solutions  in small and large group settings. Each one will be death with differently.

Outcomes:  Participants will look at design thinking in solving current and potential leadership issues in dealing with especially diversity of generation gaps at workplace.

Reality Check

Synopsis:  Going into the core of understanding and awareness of the make up and content of individuals’ IOS (internal operating system). Identifying the nature of responses and reactions stimulus outside of each person.

Outcome:  Life changing experience and upgrading the IOS to an open source system. Further they will experience about understanding conflict resolutions, letting go and bring in the true ability to see mistakes  as learning and an opportunity to move up the value proposition.

The Four Levels of listening

Synopsis:  explore  through variety  of activities  in a  fun way to discover the four levels of listening from U theory.

Outcomes:   How to use level 4 listening for co-creating future of working in groups and using Level 2 and 3 for managing and engaging employees

The intention Project

Synopsis:  There is  a   reason for  everything we  do  in  life.

Inclusiveness is something that we need to make it part of our intention. This exercise creates that opportunity to make it an organisational project to be inclusive.

Outcomes:   This activity will start real change in leadership culture to make inclusiveness a desired intention.