Innovative Management & Planning Tools for Productivity Improvement

Course Introduction

This two-day programme primarily focuses  on how to apply the management and planning tools, techniques and methodology by the Quality Improvement Teams (QIT) or other management teams to achieve productivity improvement in the organisation. This programme not only discusses the application of the Quality Improvement tools, but also draws out many principles, tips and “how-to”  for improving the effectiveness of individuals or teams.

The overview of traditional 7 QC tools, and some details of the Seven New Management and Planning tools will be presented and discussed during the programme, complemented with various examples. Some complementary  starter forms will also be presented  with text to “jumpstart”  any QI Teams.

  • Top leadership and Management Personnel
  • Upper & Mid Level Managers
  • Engineers & Technical Managers
  • TQM/ISO Coordinators or Managers
  • Future Team Leaders/Members
  • Describe the “big picture” of total quality
  • Translate company’s VISION into ACTION
  • Master and apply the Seven New Management and Planning Tools effectively and correctly
  • Translate qualitative and verbal data into more comprehensible forms
  • Understand Team Effectiveness and the concept of “teaming activities” in Total Quality Improvement Programme
  • Grasp and apply the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) and other improvement cycles
  • Exhibit mastery of the tools by using them to create ideas, strategises, and plans your work and personal affairs.
  • Use the tools to lead brainstorming and problem solving or just general meeting sessions.
  • Interactive conceptual sharing sessions, demonstrations on usage of tools, group activities, Participants’ presentations and debriefings.


  • Total Quality Overview
  • Total Quality – the “Big Picture”
  • Translating Vision into Reality
  • Improvement Cycles
  • PDCA

Basic of Effective Team

  • QCC vs. QIT
  • Why Teaming?
  • Benefit of Teaming
  • Team Synergy
  • Profile of High Performance Team (HPT)
  • Selecting members of an Effective Quality Improvement Team (QIT)
  • Teaming Tools
  • Attribute Analysis
  • Quality Objectives & Statement of purpose
  • Effective meeting tools

Quick Overview of The Traditional  Seven QC Tools

Seven Management and Planning Tools

  • Affinity Diagram
  • Relationship Diagram

Seven Management and Planning Tools

  • Tree Diagram
  • Matrix Diagram
  • Prioritisation Matrices

– Paired Comparison

– Weighted Selection

  • Activity Network Diagram (simplified PERT & CPA)
  • Process Decision Programme Chart (PDPC) + Force Field Analysis
  • Continuous Improvement Process and Cycles & Tools Matrix

•  Getting Started Discussion and Wrap-up