Leadership Skills for Emerging Leaders

Course Introduction

All Business operations  can be reduced  to three words: People, Product and Profits. Unless you have a good team, you cannot achieve much with the other two.

  • Change is everywhere. Being in business today is like being in permanent white water.
  • Whirlwinds of technological advances accelerate this rate of change and uncertainty.
  • Managers are caught up in their daily operational priorities and lack the time and skill to develop their teams.
  • They can handle TODAY…..are they getting ready for TOMORROW??

There is need to have a long term strategy to develop a cohesive team. Every single person in the organisation need to have inside them what it takes to negotiate through this turbulence TOGETHER

  • Emerging Managers
  • New Managers
  • Understand and explain your roles as managers and leaders in supporting your organisation’s pursuit to stay profitable
  • Identify your mistakes and errors as managers that is an obstacle to your present and future effectiveness and positive performance
  • List down the skill sets needed by you to be effective at the present and into the future.
  • Manage and lead yourself and your team through change effectively and efficiently
  • Cultivate a ‘service mindset’  in your team and make your team more responsible and accountable for their actions
  • Deal ‘progressively’ with people and process issues
  • Prevent yourself from becoming the  victim  of  ‘managerial obsolescence’
  • Mini lectures;  case studies; discussions,  exercises,  and activity debriefing, will be the main methodology  used in this programme to transfer learning.  The  presentation  of the programme  will be enjoyable, easy to understand, motivational, practical and the ideas are easily transferable to workplace.

The Manager Today

  • Three main components of a manager’s job
  • Being approachable vs. Being cautious
  • The manager’s behaviour – Good vs. Bad
  • Common mistakes manager’s make
  • DNA requirements of a present and future leader

Leading Beyond Leadership

  • The power of ‘why’ – The context
  • Continuous Leadership Innovation (CLI)
  • The fourth essential component of today’s manager’s job
  • The Reproducible Leadership Framework (RLF)
  • Progressing forward – alternative to managing change

Managing People Performance

  • Managing information effectively and efficiently
  • Managing perceptions:- re-channeling the organisation’s energy
  • Managing mistakes and errors productively
  • Managing teamwork and customer service
  • The art of ‘connecting’ with others

The Systems Approach To Leadership

  • Managing organisational initiatives
  • Consistency – managing systems and procedures
  • Reinforcing the ‘Creativity and Innovation’ loop
  • Making and executing results driven decisions
  • Creating an ‘Action – Solution’ centered work loop

Strategic Business Communication

  • Understanding  the  power and  importance of  ‘professional’


  • Identifying and implementing a  ‘reproducible’  communication strategy
  • Making meetings more effective
  • Key negotiating skills for managerial effectiveness
  • Developing ‘lateral’ communication skills

The way forward

  • Identifying improvement areas
  • Personal action plan – to add value to the organisation