Managing Change – 7 Step Change Model

Course Introduction

This is part of the employee engagement series. A workshop to enable leaders and managers to create a new impetus to drive change using a simple 7-step model.

  • Leaders and managers (preferably decision makers for organisations)

Participants will understand and practice

  • What makes employee excited to be at work
  • What drives innovation and creative problem solving
  • Why breakthrough goals are necessary for keeping organization relevant
  • How to innovate service delivery
  • 7 steps in transforming as well as managing that change
  • Facilitated workshop  with several learning modalities  to maximize understanding and application of new knowledge and skills

Understanding Global shifts

  • A brief video to show how the business landscape is changing the way we do business
  • Challenges and opportunities that comes from the global shifts
  • Realigning thinking process to cope with change and chaos of change
  • Understanding the complexity of managing diversity at workplace and the need for employee engagement

Becoming the change agent

  • Ability to decide on being different and ambitious
  • Why and how to become employee centric
  • Readiness for change
  • Managing emotions in chaos of change

The 7-step model

  • Understanding the 7 step change model
  • Groups discussions and sharing
  • Ideas on developing breakthroughs
  • Challenging status qua


  • Reflecting and recalling the learning
  • Making a commitment
  • Final feedback and sharing
  • Evaluation