Managing Meetings Effectively

Course Introduction

Make every meeting matter – or don’t meet at all. The vast majority of meetings never need to take place. Massive amounts of valuable time are just wasted because managers think that face-to-face time is important, or because, they have become accustomed to a particular routine. Productive,  valuable and engaging meetings require a clear goal, an open dialog and a strong leader. This 2 day interactive course will demonstrate how to make your meetings matter!

Taking minutes at a meeting  is not always a popular activity,  but it is an important  one. The meeting minutes serve as a record of what action has been decided. Find out how to write good meeting minutes at this course.

Hence, this 1 day intensive course will introduce participants to the technicalities of company meetings and how to make such meetings effective. It will also show participants the techniques of producing good minutes  each time. Participants will be exposed to authentic case study simulations  and be made to participate in mock meetings and to draft real minutes of meeting.

  • Emerging Managers, Supervisors and Executives
  • Plan and run more effective company meetings.
  • Draft minutes of meetings.
  • Edit and proofread minutes of meetings.
  • Increase their self-confidence when chairing meetings and/or writing minutes.
  • Short Lectures
  • Presentations
  • Group Discussions
  • Individual Exercise
  • Overview of Meetings
  • Types of Meetings and Legal Requirements
  • Common Weaknesses/ Problems of Badly Planned Meetings
  • Planning an Effective Agenda and Effective Board Meetings
  • Overview Meaning, Definition on Minutes
  • Guidelines to Taking and Preparing Minutes
  • Checklists
  • Case Studies – Interactive Presentation  & Preparation of Minutes