Managing Multiple Tasks And Work Priorities

Course Introduction

If you want your life to be in balance, you need to make sure that you have a good control  in managing your PRIORITIES. The key is BALANCE. Organizations and individuals  find themselves caught in this. Making realistic goals and balancing competing goals is essential in bringing overall happiness to you and your team. We take actions based on the tyranny of the urgent. We drive ourselves and our teams not aligning our actions with the clear purpose.

This programme is to develop leaders and teams in the secret of effectiveness.  The  current business  environment  are of constant change and chaos. You have to spend all your resources on what matters most.

  • Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Executives
  • Supervisors

At the end of this programme,  participant  will have gained  the following knowledge and learning and be able to:

  • Better manage their important resource. TIME.
  • Understand that time management is just not about managing time. It is about managing activities, setting priorities and taking charge.
  • Being able to access their personal effectiveness by analyzing and understanding their activities in relation to their values and goals.
  • Work and improve on the elements which determine the their credibility with their teams which will increase their effectiveness
  • Review their goal setting process. Identify weakness in converting these goals into action.

This programme  is an experiential  based  and highly interactive. Participants will learn from their experiences through various activities including:

  • Lectures
  • Group activities
  • Presentations
  • Case studies
  • Videos

Getting started

  • What are your biggest time wasters?
  • What are you currently doing to manage your time?
  • What could you do better?

My Contribution

  • Effort vs Results
  • What is my contribution?
  • What should be my contribution?
  • Group Exercise: What people look for?

Where Do I spent my time?

  • Urgent/Important Matrix
  • Using the Grid
  • Concentraion of effort
  • First things first
  • Group exercise: Where do I spend my time?


  • KRA & KPI
  • The SMART way
  • The Execution Gap
  • Case Study : Saturday afternoon Soccer

Performance Management

  • Opportunities vs Problems
  • Actions on Development