New Age Marketing Strategies

Course Introduction

Successful marketing calls for a new age marketing strategies that focuses on how customers are engaged, acquired and retained.

This practical and customized 2-days workshop aims to show how new marketing ideas can be generated by looking at customers, competitors and other market factors, helping the marketing department team develop higher level of innovativeness in marketing strategies for targeted strategic and operational business outcomes.

It is more vital than ever now for organisations to harness the power of marketing that will align their planning related activities around a sound understanding of the marketplace and marketing concepts and applications that is underpinned by a strong focus on new age marketing.

This programme will be delivered using a workshop approach designed to engage the participants with experiential learning methodologies including best practice sharing, discussions and group presentations.

  • This course is suitable for business development, marketing and sales staff, but it also applies to personnel in other areas.

• Understand the emerging trends in marketing and the importance of becoming a new age marketer with the agility that is required today.
• Gain an overview of the key ‘current’ marketing concepts which combine to make up the ‘new’ marketing tools with emphasis participants’ marketing context
• Gain knowledge on real-life applications of marketing tools through discussions and review of industry best practices and success stories.
• Identify the role played by marketing to support organization growth and marketing outcomes championed.
• Gain personal development and business growth opportunities through better knowledge and skills applications of marketing that can increase their personal effectiveness as a new age marketer

This is a highly practical and action oriented course focused on achieving  targeted learning outcomes using  video presentations, case studies, group work and discussions, supplemented with illustrative lectures and benchmark practice success stories


Marketing: A quick glance
The Evolving Facets of Marketing
Implications for change and improvement


What is Market-Led Approach to Marketing Planning ?
The core elements of a market-led organization
Implications for Marketing Strategies


Defining the target markets
Undertake CSI (Customer Segment Investigations)
Developing Customer Knowledge and Intelligence


Marketing Strategies :
• Product /Solutions – Applying the 4Cs Principles
• Pricing @ Value Based Bundling
• Marketing Communication and Digital Marketing
• People : Driving Relationship towards Practicing P2P Marketing
• Process : Marketing Analytics
• Applications and Review of Best Practices & Case Studies