New Paradigm & Breakthrough Leadership

Course Introduction

LEADERSHIP IS A CHOICE! When you make the choice to lead in your life, you must know who you are, and what values you endorse. You must have a clear sense of WHY you want to lead and WHERE you want to lead your followers or employees. To be an effective leader, you must show up, stand up, and speak up for what you truly believe and practice “inner leadership”.

This programme builds the foundation for greater individual and group success at their work place. The training methodology largely based on Self-Discovery Process. During this session, the participants will have the opportunity to get to know their true self and take-home strategies and methods to get to their employees or follower in a completely different perspective.

• Emerging Managers
• New Managers

• Acquire the essential leadership skills to become an effective leader of this 21st century.
• Identify, analyze, and develop a leadership framework and the right leadership characteristics for their organization.
• Analyze and flex their leadership styles to suit the styles of others for a productive working relationship.
• Change and improve mind-set for continuous improvement and growth.
• Develop and toughen mental attitude to become a world-class leader to their people.
• Clarify and strengthen leadership values for effective decision-making and taking prompt actions.
• Assess and lead a well-balanced quality of life by effective self-management.
• Learn how to build a world-class winning team and learn how to work together as an effective team-player and team-builder of a world-class team of achievers.

Highly interactive content presentation ,Case studies /Individual & Group exercises / discussions, Peer-teaching activities / Role-play & Reverse Role-play, Humor & Fun, Stories & metaphors and Related videos

Essential Skills for Transformational Leaders and Effective Managers
• The Change and Challenges In The Era of Industry 4.0 & Internet of Things
• The Changing Roles and Responsibilities of Leaders and Managers
• The New Paradigm in Leadership & Management – Strength Based Leadership

The New Leadership Challenges
• Managing Self, Leading Others
• Mind of A Manager & Soul of A Leader
• Your leadership legacy!

Leadership Values For This 21st Century
• Importance of having outstanding leadership values
• Clarifying your leadership values to be a more effective leader
• Strengthening your values with various standards of performance.

Leadership Frameworks
• Situational Leadership
• Transformational Leadership
• Principle Centered Leadership
• MIM High Performance Leadership Model

Right Mental Attitudes of Effective Leaders For Better Performance
• The importance of the right mental attitudes as a leader
• Assessing your own mental attitudes as a leader
• Powerful techniques to improve your mental attitudes

Leadership Styles & Characteristics
• Discover your leadership style
• Identify your leadership characteristics
• 5 Levels of leadership By John C. Maxwell

Building A World-Class Team of Achievers
• Effective Team Leaders’ Characteristics
• Team-Work, Team Co-Operation and Esprit’ de Corps
• Powerful tips on how to build a world class team of achievers

Motivational Strategies
• What actually motivates your people to be world-class achievers?
• Proven ways to motivate your people to perform with excellence to achieve their work objectives and goals.
• Newest insights into motivational theories and approaches.

Effective Communication Skills of Leaders
• Overcoming barriers & ways to improve communication effectiveness
• Mind Your Language!
• Male-Female Differences In Understanding Each Other.

Emotional & Social Intelligence For Leaders
• Mastering Leadership Intelligence
• Emotional Intelligence At Work
• Social Intelligence For Effective Leadership