Personality Profiling for Better Team Management (Penang)

Course Introduction

Professionals who demonstrate high emotional intelligence (EQ) and a positive attitude to complete delegated tasks in a cooperative way are more successful than those who don’t. Positive attitude helps us get along with co-workers and managers, even difficult ones. Having a strong team with a positive attitude and enthusiasm in the workplace can increase the success of an organization and can be motivating for other employees.

The Leonard Personality Inventory (LPI) designed by Professor Dr Leonard Yong operates on the premise that a person can identify his or her emotional orientation and preferred behavioural patterns. With that powerful knowledge, the participant is given recommendations for personal improvement, enhancing teamwork with others and improving their leadership styles in building positive attitudes resulting in emotional well-being for the individual and the organisation.

  •  For First Level Managers and Emerging Managers across the departments

• Discover your personality within the framework of the LPI and enhance your EQ, and ultimately your emotional well-being.
• Develop a good and lasting ‘positive attitude’ to work well in the workplace.
• Regularly apply an “attitude-check” as the ability to suspend perceptual judgement so as to think before reacting.
• Communicate effectively across departments with colleagues, supervisors, department heads, internal and external consultants; in a range of social and formal contexts and be more proficient in managing relationships
• Determine that you too can be a gifted leader; choose to create connections with others not only by ‘what’ you do but ‘how’ you do it.

This is an experiential-based  interactive  course  delivered  through Short Lectures & Interactive  Role-plays, Individual  Reflections for Deeper Learning  and Focused  Action, Group Activities  and Peer Feedback ,Audio Video Presentations and Demonstrations and hands- on applications

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (EQ) at Work
• The LPI Profiling & Understanding Emotions
• Perception and Personality Differences
• Develop strategies to remove emotional blind spots
The Holistic LPI Model
• Understand how the LPI can help improve productivity and performance
• Explore Actual Case-studies for analysis and application
• Interpreting behaviors in yourself, your colleagues and bosses
Task and People Management
• Readiness to act on opportunities; being comfortable with innovating ideas, new approaches and information
• Organisational awareness; reading a group’s emotional base and responding openly