Practical English for Frontliners (Penang)

Course Introduction

This programme  has been specially designed to help frontline staff build their self confidence  and skills to be able to communicate more effectively and professionally in English with their customers. It will be highly interactive for the adult participants as they share experiences with one another through a variety of practical activities and simulations.

  • Administrative Staff, Support Staff and Executives who are involved in frontline functions.
  • Recognize the importance  of using Standard  English in oral communication;
  • Be aware of common language mistakes – in the context of the office and attending to customers
  • Use grammar and language more effectively when communicating
  • Apply basic pronunciation techniques to correct pronunciation of words
  • Learn the art of simple yet effective ways of handling customer conversations in different customer situations
  • Ask questions correctly and respond to questions professionally
  • Communicate more clearly and effectively in English
  • Communicate more confidently  and build better rapport with customers.
  • Short Lectures and handouts
  • Role Plays
  • Activities & Hands on tasks
  • Case Studies
  • Videos