Presentations Made Easy

Course Introduction

Indian businesswoman doing a presentation in from of her colleagues

As your responsibilities grow so must your communication skills. A junior manager is expected to convey ideas and drive decisions that make impact  in ways that engage, inform, persuade,  educate and motivate others – your boss, your team, your clients, your consultants and your stakeholders.

This programme  will  inspire you to  become an overall better communicator  by focusing on tested communication  tools and techniques that will have an effective impression on others.

  • First Level Managers across the departments who are new to public speaking and professional presentations
  • Have an increased understanding and awareness of presentation structures.
  • Speak with purpose and effect in a range of context and with the target audiences.
  • Have the ability to analyse, present ideas and express personal opinions.
  • Understand and create powerful visual aids to complement your ideas.
  • Learn basic techniques to engage an audience.
  • Practically apply the learnings to deliver presentations with confidence

This is an experiential-based interactive course. Experiment, Discover and Learn. Participants will contribute proactively in accelerating their own learning through strategically planned activities and the sharing of the subject content through:-

  • Short Lectures & Interactive Role-plays
  • Individual Reflections for Deeper Learning and Focused Action
  • Group Activities and Peer Feedback for enhancing Supportive Learning
  • Facilitation for Group Dynamics
  • Audio Video Presentations

Understanding the Structure of Presentations

  • The Art of Rhetoric (Ethos-Pathos-Logos) and the Rule of Three
  • Presentation Structures, Setting the Objectives, Building the Main Idea
  • Short practices for presentation openings

Analysing the Audience

  • Audience Profiling, What Do They Need-TFD, Content Checklist Using MSG
  • Practices using MSG

English Language for Presentations

  • Use Accurate Language, Concise Vocabulary, and Avoid Wordiness. Writing, editing and re-writing.
  • Exercises in avoiding doublets, redundant words and time wasters

Body Language and Persuasive Communication

  • What is Non-verbal Communication and How Non-verbal Language

Communicate Information

  • Grooming, Your Personality and Engaging the Audience
  • Role-play activities

Delivering the Presentation

  • Introduction to Slideware, Power point rules
  • Maximising AV Support and Setting Up At The Venue
  • Short educational video
  • Putting it all into practice

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