Strategic Thinking, Strategy Development & Execution

Course Introduction

Vision precedes strategy, as strategy is about identifying and developing ways to achieve the vision, goals and mission of the organisation. Without execution, however, strategies remain as plans and is but a dream.

Current research suggests that strategic planning and strategic thinking are different sides of the same coin and each one on its own is necessary, but not sufficient for an efficient strategic management framework. Therefore, strategic thinking and planning must work hand-in-hand in order to reap maximum benefits for the organisation. The third part of the equally important equation is the execution or implementation of the desired strategies. Without execution nothing happens!

This programme allows the participants to get a big picture perspective of the various aspects of the strategy, planning and execution vis its hands-on approach. They will gain a strong understanding and familiarity of the principles and dynamics involved and its impact on the organisaton.

• Senior managers and middle managers
• Entrepreneurs and small to middle-sized companies
• All functional managers who want a better understanding of business development and planning

• Better understand and be able to craft effective vision and mission statements
• Be familiar with strategic tools for internal and external analysis and assessments
• Get a working assessment of the strategic internal alignment of your organisation
• Develop your individual business strategies derived from a common shared vision and mission
• Develop ownership and commitment among the various levels of the organisation
• Identify the critical success factors and KPIs for successful plan execution

The programme will be conducted with lectures, videos, case studies, and group exercises. Delegates will work in small teams and be heavily involved in a “discovery” mode with the use of their own situations and the development of simulated vision, strategies and execution plans. The use of simple templates will enhance understanding and takeaways.

The BIG Picture
• Concept of Strategic Thinking, Strategies & Execution
• Vision, Mission, Values
• Stakeholder Expectations

Strategic Analysis
• Internal factors – involving and engaging
• External factors – competitive environment
• Trends – future focus

Contradictions Analysis
• Internal and systems blockages
• Alternative viewpoints
• Organisational challenges and alignment

Strategy Development
• Creative options – there is another way
• Strategy development aligned to vision and values
• Performance metrics

Strategy Execution Planning
• Strategic Priorities
• Success factors -ensure focus
• Action Plan Development
• Action Plan Presentation