Team Dynamics using NLP for Managers

Course Introduction

This programme helps executives complement their practical systems thinking with a thorough understanding of effective people skills using NLP (Neuro-Linguistic  Psychology) and understand the science of working in a team, discover the dynamic forces at work and learn how to best channel these forces to work for you instead of against you at the workplace.

  • Those who need to learn practical interpersonal techniques for building teams and desires to engage individuals in a group to excel through group dynamics.
  • Team Leaders, Group Leaders and People Manager
  • Understand group dynamics and effectively manage group situations
  • Gain consensus and commitment from team members, other project stakeholders, staff and management
  • Understand the NLP communication model and how to avoid obstacles to effective interpersonal communication
  • Deal with conflict and difficult people on the team
  • Use a proven problem solving technique to improve a group’s effectiveness
  • Make a specific plan for ongoing development
  • Work much more effectively with task groups as staff, leaders or members
  • Group dynamics and how teams are built and groomed
  • Turn problems or potential problems into opportunities
  • Position yourself to positively contribute to your company’s image and profitability.
  • Leverage on rapport creation to significantly improve work environment and teamwork within the company
  • Handle conflicts and difficult staff or customers
  • Experiential learning
  • Coaching and facilitative approach
  • Case studies
  • Demonstrations
  • Group discussions and games
  • Leadership self-assessment
  • Shared experiences
  • Introduction
  • Team Dynamics
  • Review of Game to understand Team Dynamics Leading Task

Groups Effectively

  • Listening Skills
  • Making Productive Group Decisions
  • Needs Assessment and Group Problem Solving
  • Meeting Management
  • Action Planning