Team Empowerment for Managers

Course Introduction

The objective of this programme is to initiate team change and empowerment.The hypothesis on which we attempt this is that human beings, not external conditions, determine all of their personal and social development. External conditions certainly can and do influence the process. People may even act and react in predictable ways to a given set of external conditions. But the results of any development equation cannot be reliably predicted on the basis of external factors alone. Human development is determined by human responses based on choices made by people. As such, the main focus of this programme to bring about change through choice and not by mere hoping on chance. And the choices we make are based on a deep understanding of our psychological inputs that created our belief system, behavior patterns and basic competencies The programme leader will help participants to examine; Self and Role in various dimensions and the impact they make on themselves and people around them . Further, how it affects their role in the organisation they belong to.

This workshop is intended for those in managerial positions. They will find this workshop very useful and invaluable in moving people processes in their respective department and the organisation as a whole. This workshop will be an eye opener in understanding the complexity of human behaviour process and the social operating systems in organizations.

There is no need for any previous experience or knowledge. The only qualification required is the willingness to learn and share experience through active participation and exploration of the Self & Roles.

• It offers retrospection and introspection of participant’s Self and their multiple Roles. It will be a self-disclosure and self-exploration mechanism using several tools.
• The participants will gain the role clarity to ascertain the significance of their thought process and how it impacts their professional environment, the team and personal life.
• The participants could acquire the ability to understand blocks at the awareness level and learn about acceptance, thus making human interactions at work and communication more meaningful.
• Understand managing personal boundaries and how this simple idea can move mountains in terms of accountability, responsibility and performance
• Improve relationships at all levels at work and at home
• Improves Team dynamics and team cohesiveness
• …And experience the POWER within you to make CHANGES as a matter of CHOICE.

This is an experiential workshop. There will be limited outdoor activities that are non-strenuous but simple and deep in experiences plus a lot of fun. The following will form the basis of the workshop:

1. Short lectures and debriefing of activities
2. LGE (large group exercises)
3. SGE (small group exercises)
4. IE (individual exercise)
5. Interactive discussion
6. Role plays
7. Behavioural tools
8. Simple games
9. Making personal commitment to change
10. Reflection

• Changes in the environment (SGE)
• Forces of Change (LGE) Debate
• Experiential Activity (IE to LGE)
• Values & decisions (IE)
• Reality and our OperatingSystems
• Human Bonsification process
• Centring process
• Egogram analysis
• Egogram explanation
• Retrospection & (SGE)
• Boundary Management (IE)
• LGE – Games
• Managing blocks
• Debrief and closing