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Towards High Impact


Asia is forecast to become the world’s largest economy by 2030 in terms of GDP contribution. In an increasingly volatile and uncertain environment, Asian leaders will need to have a clear understanding of the megatrends in the region and develop the right combination of mindset and skillsets to respond effectively to the complex challenges facing them.

AAMO’s 2019 Triennial Conference will kickstart a mature and thoughtful conversation about how best current and emerging leaders can equip themselves to lead with impact.


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Industry 4.0 will continue to bring change at an unprecedented speed and scale. While it promises tremendous opportunities, managers, public sector policy planners and corporate heads, need to come to grips with the emerging and soon to be ubiquitous technologies. Management organisations across the region need to collaborate and act to build a robust and well-prepared workforce.

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The greatest challenge of the future will be the accelerating rate of change. A changing landscape requires new styles of leadership- one that is best suited for creating breakthrough success in today’s high demand environment. The need to innovate continuously and create a pipeline of future visionary leaders is essential.

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A diverse and inclusive work environment is vital for the survival of organisations in the era of rapid technical and societal change. Greater diversity can mean more productivity, greater innovation, better decision-making, higher employee retention and work satisfaction.

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By 2030 most countries in Asia will have aging populations. Managers must take a more proactive approach to the employment of older workers in Asia. Forward-looking managers can create experiential learning opportunities including mentoring and reverse mentoring encounters within a workspace setting.

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Globalisation, automation and Artificial Intelligence are creating large shifts in the workforce. With new jobs being created faster than ever, there is a need to think about the gaps between formal education and market requirements. Applying emotional intelligence at work is fundamental to success. Therefore there is a need to re-shape higher education and training to deliver mindsets and skillsets critical for 21st century jobs.

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• CEO and Managing Directors
• Executive Directors and Senior Managers
• Managers and Business Executives
• Corporate Planning and Human Resource Managers

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• Gain insights on 21st Century leadership innovations and trends.
• Listen to in-depth and comprehensive exchanges on strategic leadership priorities and key policies.
• Harness collective knowledge and experiences from the region’s highly respected managers and key industry players.
• Strengthen valuable relationships and build influence



Registration and Networking Breakfast


Keynote: Dealing with Disruption
Asian managers face an increasingly complex and disruptive environment. How do companies
meet the expectations of a rapidly changing talent pool? What are the opportunities offered by
Industry 4.0 technologies?

Pramod Bhasin, Founder-Genpact Ltd, Chairman-Clix Capital Services, India


Plenary Session 1: Developing 21st Century Skills
The workspace of tomorrow will offer a seamless sharing of technology and talent. It will not be defined by location as much as it is by shared values, objectives and common aspirations. What are some of the skills, approaches and expertise needed in the 21st Century?

Imran Kunalan Abdullah, Principal Consultant- HR & Digital Talent, GTEX.ASIA, Malaysia

1. Kiranjit Singh, Country Head, Malaysia & Philippines, Ipsos Business Consulting, Malaysia
2. Monir Azzouzi, Vice President, People Experience and People Relations, GOJEK, Indonesia
3. Arne Gast, Partner, McKinsey & Company, Malaysia


Plenary Session 2: Leveraging an Aging Talent Pool
People over retirement age have valuable experience and skills. What strategies can organisations and HR managers employ to make the most of this vital source of talent?

Omna Sreeni-Ong, Founder & Managing Director, ENGENDER Consultancy, Malaysia

1. Tan Sri Rafiah Salim, Chairman, Allianz Malaysia Bhd, Malaysia
2. Prof. Datuk Dr. Norma Mansor, Social Wellbeing Research Centre, Faculty of Economics and Administration, University Malaya, Malaysia
3. David Pich, Chief Executive, Institute of Managers and Leaders, Australia


Networking Lunch


Plenary Session 3: The ROI of Diversity & Inclusion
How can organisations and companies leverage on a diverse and inclusive workforce to gain traction in terms of profits and competitiveness?

Bharat Avalani, Founder & CEO, Connecting the Dots Marketing Consultancy, Malaysia

1. Anushia Kandasamy, Affiliate Advisor, Aberkyn Southeast Asia, Malaysia
2. Cheryl Khor, Asia Pacific Operational Risk Leader, Deloitte, Malaysia
3. Dr. Juliana Chan, Founder & CEO, Wildtype Media Group, Singapore


Expert Review: Future-Proof Leadership
Experts believe emotional intelligence helps create an ecosystem where creative thinking, innovation and growth happen organically. How can soft skills be used to drive successful organisations?

Dr Benjamin Palmer, CEO, Genos International, Australia


Networking Break




Pramod Bhasin, Founder-Genpact Ltd, Chairman-Clix Capital Services, India
Mr. Pramod founded Genpact, a global leader in Business Process Management in 1997 and served as the President and CEO until 2011. Pramod previously headed GE Capital in India and Asia. He is currently the Chairman of Clix Capital Services Pvt Ltd. Mr.Pramod is still referred to as one of the fathers of the Indian BPO industry and is a past winner of “IT Person of the Year Award” by DataQuest.

Kiranjit Singh, Country Head, Malaysia & Philippines, IpsosBusiness Consulting, Malaysia
Mr. Kiranjit Singh has 25 years of experience in managing and developing a diverse range of manufacturing and services sector businesses in the Europe, US and Asia. He currently heads the consulting team in Malaysia and Philippines in the implementation of various studies, focusing on human capital, business unit strategy, digital economy. He has advised the senior management team of numerous clients (MNCs, SMEs, government agencies, GLCs) in making strategic decisions for growth.

Monir Azzouzi, Vice President, People Experience and People Relations, GOJEK, Indonesia
Mr. Monir has deep knowledge in developing frameworks to drive digital transformation through employee experience, change of mindsets, leadership and culture. In Go-Jek he’s heading the people partner function as well as Digital HR and People in Experience. His experience in fast paced digital companies make him play a critical role in transforming HR departments from a conventional units to one that adds real value to the business by focusing on digitalization, employee experience, leadership and preparing people and the organisation for the digital age.

Arne Gast, Partner, Leader of McKinsey Organization Practice, Kuala Lumpur
Mr. Arne Gast is the leader of McKinsey’s Organization Practice across Asia-Pacific. His work over the last 20 years has solely focused on “organizing for the future”: strategic work force planning, designing operating models, helping culture change, or leadership development at scale – always linked to performance transformation. He is one of the co-leaders of McKinsey’s Workforce of the Future tribe, and founded Aberkyn – McKinsey’ special entity for change facilitation.

Tan Sri Rafiah Salim, Chairman, Allianz Malaysia Bhd, Malaysia
Tan Sri Rafiah has served as the Assistant Governor of the Central Bank of Malaysia, Human Resources General Manager of Malayan Banking Berhad, and the Assistant Secretary General for United Nations Human Resources Management in New York, and in 2006, was appointed as the first female  Vice-Chancellor in Malaysia.  Tan Sri Rafiah is currently a Director of public listed companies such as Nestle Malaysia, Allianz Malaysia Berhad and is the Chairman of the Board for Malaysian Genomics Resource Centre Berhad.

Emeritus Prof. Datuk Dr. Norma Mansor, Social Wellbeing Research Centre, Faculty of Economics and Administration, University Malaya, Malaysia
Emeritus Prof. Datuk Dr. Norma Mansor is the Director of Social Security Research Centre (SSRC) at the Faculty of Economics and Administration, University of Malaya.  Among her notable appointments are as Secretary of the  National Economic Advisory Council in Prime Minister’s Department, advisor and consultant to various organizations which the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), World Bank and the European Union (EU). Asian academician, she has written extensively on public policy, governance and   social protection.

David Pich, Chief Executive, Institute of Managers and Leaders, Australia
As Chief Executive of IML since June 2015, Mr. Pich is responsible for the delivery of IML’s 3-year Leadership Matters strategy, and for the leadership of the wider IML team. He has 25 years of  experience that spans HR, sales and  marketing, media and communications and fundraising in sectors that include FMCG, IT and finance and consulting. He is also the author of the bestseller “Leadership Matters: 7 Skills of Very Successful Leaders”.

Anushia Kandasamy, Affiliate Advisor, Aberkyn Southeast Asia, Malaysia
Ms Anushia is a management consultant, bringing over 10 years of top tier global consulting experience with McKinsey & Company in Southeast Asia. Her expertise includes developing and delivering large–scale transformation programmes, socio–economic development planning and entrepreneur development. She  finds great satisfaction in working with clients on change leadership, personal    transformation, and fostering agile organisations.


Cheryl Khor, Asia Pacific Operational Risk Leader, Deloitte, Malaysia
Ms. Cheryl is currently Deloitte’s Asia Pacific and South East Asia (SEA) Operational Risk Leader. She is also Deloitte’s SEA Risk Advisory Diversity and Inclusiveness Leader. In this role, she drives talent and business agenda around gender parity and diversity. She is an advocate of positive improvements to gender representation in leadership roles across SEA and creating a more inclusive workplace. Her experience spans a broad range of industry sectors, including infrastructure, healthcare, construction, property development, asset management and consumer business.

Dr. Juliana Chan, Founder & CEO, Wildtype Media Group, Singapore
Dr. Juliana Chan is the founder and CEO of Wildtype Media Group, Asia’s leading STEM-focused media company. She is a graduate of the University of Cambridge, UK, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA. Awards received include the L’Oréal- UNESCO For Women in Science National Fellowship, the 2013 Singapore Youth Award, the 2014 MIT Technology Review’s 10 Innovators Under 35 (Asia) and the 2017 ACS Nano Fellowship. Dr. Chan is a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum, and she serveson the WEF Technology Pioneers Selection Committee. 

Dr Benjamin Palmer, CEO, Genos International, Australia
Dr. Palmer is an experienced entrepreneur having grown an integrated product and service firm now operating in Australia and the US, with distribution channels across Europe, India, China, South Africa, South East Asia and New Zealand. He developed the first Australian Assessment of Emotional Intelligence which was designed specifically for workplace applications.  His research attracted considerable attention locally witnessed by awards such as the Richard Pratt Scholarship, an Australian Postgraduate Award, and a PhD Thesis-Excellence award.

Imran Kunalan Abdullah,
Principal Consultant- HR & Digital Talent, GTEX.ASIA, Malaysia

Omna Sreeni-Ong,
Founder & Managing Director, ENGENDER Consultancy, Malaysia

Bharat Avalani, 
Founder & CEO, Connecting the Dots Marketing Consultancy, Malaysia



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