CEO’s Message


Management writers tell us that the only constant in the world is … change. A paradox in many ways and yet it holds true. MIM too has certainly seen its fair share of change over the past few years, including a move across town to our current home in Petaling Jaya.

Those same gurus also say that any world-class organisation can adapt to change, provided it maintains its core values and stays focused on its mission. Despite challenging times, MIM has managed to do just that. The Institute remains clearly committed to providing an ever-increasing range of services to its members, who are, without doubt, the sine qua non of MIM. No members, no organisation. Full stop!

Remaining focused on our foundations of Professionalism, Integrity, Innovation and Commitment will help us grow and mature, with the objective of meeting the needs of our members constantly at the forefront of our efforts. The MIM brand name is crucial and of great value. Hence, we need to work at enhancing its value in and to the Malaysian management community.

We must also ensure we can look back and say our organisation remains highly relevant to the Malaysian management community, offering services that are of significance.

One measure of success will be an increase in membership, which will prove that we’re meeting the needs of our members and that others too want to be part of that success story. Another measure of achievement is an uptick in the utilisation of the services offered by MIM, and a step towards this will be to harness the necessary technology to effectively reach out to our members.

MIM also recognises the fact that regular communication is an important part of keeping our members abreast of all the exciting upcoming events and activities and you can expect to hear more from us in the months ahead.

As CEO, I am always conscious of the responsibility placed on me as leader of this respected professional body. I’m also humbled by the people who’ve previously taken MIM to such great heights. My promise to all is that I’ll do my utmost always to take this organisation to new heights, whatever challenges lie ahead.

Sivanganam Rajaretnan
Chief Executive Officer
Malaysian Institute of Management