Our Strategic Goals

8 Key Strategic Goals

1. MIM to support the national agenda for professional management leadership, development and training.

2. MIM to renew (revitalisation), reposition (re-invention) and re-establish (resilience) itself over the next 5 years.

3. MIM to move to high ground in custodianship of national management thought leadership, standards, competencies and be a catalsyt for ‘managership’.

4. MIM to increase its membership base and provide ‘value package’ to stakeholders including members, alumni, supporters, councillors and Court of Fellows as well as the industri and government.

5. MIM to build MIM-centric and unique brand products and services, and re-focus on niche and core competencies.

6. MIM to identify new opportunities for revenue enhancement through lucrative, profitable collaboration alliance/partnerships, and to be profitable and growing.

7. MIM to enhance its brand and image in Malaysia and overseas.

8. MIM to play a leading role and build regional and global reputation.