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Short Courses


Strategic Negotiation For Effective Results

03/07/201904/07/20192 Days Seats Available
Managers constantly negotiate – usually on issues of critical importance to the organisation. Negotiating errors can be enormously...

Creative Leadership Competencies for Excellence

08/07/201909/07/20192 Days Seats Available
Ability to respond to complex challenges creatively has gained increasing importance in the work of organisations. Relying on...

Is Your Buyer Really Your Customer

10/07/201910/07/20191 Day Seats Available
All businesses need customers, or buyers in order to generate sales revenue.There are very few companies, products or...

Effective Business Writing Skills

10/07/201911/07/20192 Days Seats Available
Practicing good housekeeping is essential for any individual, unit of work, business, organization, society, etc. The Japanese introduced...

Strategic Foresight And Scenario Planning

10/07/201911/07/20192 Days Seats Available
This 2-days training provides HODs and Senior Managers with a practical application of Scenario Planning in the context...

Customer Centricity And Marketing Strategies

11/07/201912/07/20192 Days Seats Available

Communication Excellence with NLP

15/07/201916/07/20192 Days Seats Available
The goal of this programme is to bring out the great communicator in each individual using NLP tools...

Digital Marketing Strategies

17/07/201918/07/20192 Days Seats Available
As the growth in technology is on a rapid base, marketers are constantly on a loop with new...
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