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Short Courses


Job of General Manager

22/10/201826/10/20185 Days Seats Available
To become a next-generation leader, in your role as c-suite executive or general manager or senior manager, you...

Advanced Presentation Skills for Leaders and Managers

23/10/201823/10/20181 Day Seats Available
To be a professional presenter, you need to position yourself and your ideas in a way that will...

Listening and Questioning Skills for Effective Communication

24/10/201824/10/20181 Day Seats Available
This course develops your ability to focus on your outcome and solutions, connect with your audience and develop...

Effective Cash Flow Management for Emerging and New Managers

24/10/201825/10/20182 Days Seats Available
The recent current show’s us that “He who has cash is king”. All successful companies which survived the...

Innovative Management & Planning Tools for Productivity Improvement

25/10/201826/10/20182 Days Seats Available
This two-day programme primarily focuses on how to apply the management and planning tools, techniques and methodology by...

5 Actions of Effective Leadership

25/10/201826/10/20182 Days Seats Available
This 2 days Training & Workshop will allow leaders to explore and engage themselves into the Actions of...

Developing and Managing KPIs for New Managers

30/10/201831/10/20182 Days Seats Available
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) should be the vital navigation instruments used by managers and leaders to understand whether...

Strategic Key Account Management

30/10/201831/10/20182 Days Seats Available
This programme is designed to help senior managers, managers and executives to refine their understanding of people, team...
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