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Short Courses


Finance For Non-Finance Managers

26/02/202027/02/20202 Days Seats Available
In today's global management and uncertain business conditions, there is a need for all business or functional heads...

Leadership Skills for Emerging Leaders

04/03/202005/03/20202 Days Seats Available
The playing field for today’s managers’ is so challenging that their managerial and leadership abilities are being put...

Building Self Confidence

09/03/202010/03/20202 Days Seats Available
Success and confidence are inextricably linked. Success comes to those who believe that we will be successful. Many...

Continuous Performance Management

10/03/202011/03/20202 Days Seats Available
The role of People Managers has undergone a sea change and its current focus is on evolving functional...

Understanding & Managing Risk

11/03/202012/03/20202 Days Seats Available
Risk, from an organisation’s perspective is the probability or likelihood of a threat materializing. The threats could be...

Project Management For Beginners

11/03/202012/03/20202 Days Seats Available
Designed as an overview of project management for project team members,business analysts and the new project managers, this...

Enhancing Analytical & Creative Thinking Skills

11/03/202012/03/20202 Days Seats Available
Practicing good housekeeping is essential for any individual, unit of work, business, organization, society, etc. The Japanese introduced...

Maximising Sales Using NLP

16/03/202017/03/20202 Days Seats Available
This programme is designed to help senior managers, managers and executives to refine their understanding of people, team...
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