Coaching to Engage for Senior Managers

Course Introduction

Coaching  skills has become  an essential  competency  for senior management and management team members. It is a skill that clearly marks the difference between top class managers to that of mediocre ones. This programme  is the by far the quickest and most effective programmes  available for managers to understand, internalise and apply the coaching techniques into practice immediately.

  • Senior Managers and Managers
  • Understand the formation of individual realities of core self and rapport building with others
  • Draw out their inner core to expand the outward leadership attributes
  • Understand the psychology of managing the generational gap and inculcate coaching skills for employee engagement.
  • Improved communication across the board
  • Learn how to differentiate and manage personality and work issues
  • Use the basic pre-suppositions to keep personal  check when managing and supervising
  • A combination of lectures, group work, role plays, reflection, sharing and making a commitment


  • Overview
  • The power of coaching

Coaching and NLP

  • The link between coaching and NLP
  • Meaning of NLP
  • The pillars of NLP
  • Some NLP Tools used in coaching
  • Understanding the Pre-suppositions

Rapport in Coaching

  • Meaning of rapport and building rapport
  • Sensory awareness and sensory acuity
  • Perceptual positions


  • 4 levels of listening
  • Reframing in coaching


  • Anchoring positive behaviours


  • The art on drawing out – Questioning
  • Techniques

Motivation strategy

Action plan and commitment to change