Competency Based Learning and Development

Course Introduction

The business  of employee learning and development has changed dramatically  due to rapidly advancing technologies  in global and virtual training delivery.  These  changes  are putting pressure  on workplace learning professionals (WLPs) to design, develop, deliver, and evaluate training  experiences in more immediate and impactful ways.

  • HR Directors,  Managers, & Professionals . Line Managers who are responsible for Learning & Development. HR & Business  Leaders whom are strategy architect.
  • IDENTIFY learning strategies to develop the best Talent for the right job and appreciate the key approaches for locating top-notch talent
  • RETAIN high standard  of Couse content  via Best Instructional Design
  • UNDERSTAND what is Competency Management
  • ADDRESS  Learning &  Development   issues by  improving organizational Human Capital Development, strategy and policy.
  • OFFER competitive Learning & Development – key to measure ROI
  • NETWORK with Human Resource experts & business leaders and delegates from various industries to exchange views and obtain professional advice
  • This is an interactive workshop designed to equip participants with practicals skills for Learning & Development. Training is centred on interactive,  activity-based,  experiential and accelerated learning. Participants will be fully engaged for optimal learning and maximum results.

Foundations of Learning and Development

  • The basics of training and adult learning theory
  • Major training models
  • The current terrain of workplace learning and performance.
  • Framework of basic training plan
  • Fundamental skills to design an organizational needs analysis
  • Fundamental skills to create instructional methods and materials.

Managing Learning and Development

  • Create a best-practices strategy for managing the critical resource of employee development.
  • Using case studies, real-life situations, and industry standards,
  • delve into the leadership skills, knowledge, and strategies necessary not only to align a department’s objectives  with an enterprise’s overall goals,
  • but also to collect data for demonstrating business results.

Measuring and Reporting L&D Impact.

  • Measuring the impact of learning experiences
  • What metrics to choose, how to measure with them, and then how to report the data to management.
  • Effective ways of collecting and comparing data to show executives how resources are being used
  • Successful results of L&D efforts

Trainer as Consultant

  • Learning to think and to act like a consultant.
  • Strategies for developing network
  • The 15 dos and don’ts of successful training consultants.

Instructional Design & Need Analysis

  • The process of designing a training program using the established competency areas for instructional designers.
  • Developing  a needs analysis
  • Creating behavioural learning objectives
  • Identifying training deliverables.

Making Learning Stick: Reinforcement, Measurement, and


  • Examining how to get a return on investment (ROI)
  • How to improve productivity through training initiatives.
  • Using Kirkpatrick’s model as a  guide to measure and evaluate training programs to assess their true impact on an organization.
  • Creating a 12-month  reinforcement  plan for a training program
  • Design Level One and Two evaluation tools
  • Create a Level Three evaluation job aid
  • Describe how to achieve a Level Four measurement for a specific training effort
  • 10 metrics that could be used for measuring the impact of training.