Design Thinking for Managers

Course Introduction

The business world continues to change rapidly. Changes in geopolitical systems, greater participation of the Connected Generation into the mainstream  economy, and technological  changes at unprecedented speed—present both challenges and opportunities for businesses. To ensure  businesses/corporation  (small-large  scale) survive  and remain sustainable, creative and innovative thinking competencies are imperative. Design Thinking (Harvard Business School, 2015), “is a competency that industry leaders and corporations should have”.

  • Senior Managers, Managers and Executives
  • Understand and appreciate the changes facing businesses in a digital economy
  • Identify the building blocks of creativity and innovation  in an organizational context
  • Identify and learn what it takes to make organizations  more innovative and creative – gap analysis and response
  • Learn the basic steps and components in Design Thinking (DThenceforth)
  • Apply the above lessons in daily context of their respective tasks and leadership roles at work, or for business expansion purposes.

The workshop  will combine several techniques based on DT principles,

including among others, use of the following ideas and tools:

  • DT Conversations
  • Case study and analysis
  • Prototyping
  • Quick pitching
  • Facilitator led presentations
  • Video cases
  • Group work/dynamics
  • Digital Economy – Changes and Challenges
  • Introduction to Creativity and Innovation (C&I)
  • C&I Barriers
  • Case Study 1 & 2
  • DT Principles
  • DT Steps
  • Application 1: to simple tasks in life
  • Application 2: to a real world situation
  • Application 3: to participants real world challenges