Digital Marketing Strategies (Penang)

Course Introduction

The Internet is fast becoming the most influential resource for buying decisions by prospective  customers.  Sophisticated buyers are now “in control” with more products, channels and competitors to choose from. This eye-opening training is specifically targeted at marketing executives who face significant challenges incorporating digital media into their marketing mix.

  • Marketing managers and directors  responsible for charting the course for the next generation of marketing in their organization.
  • Business-to-consumer  marketers  seeking a   competitive edge through social media channels.
  • Brand managers, media relations and PR executives, advertising and sales professionals using social media  in their day-to-day activities
  • Human resource  managers  keen on understanding  how social media policies and guidelines need to be formulated for employees and external communities
  • Identify key trends in digital media
  • Evaluate their online identity and brand presence
  • Listen, monitor and track various digital and social media channels
  • Choose the right channels to run their digital marketing campaigns
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of various different  campaign  case studies
  • Set the framework and map out a digital marketing strategy
  • Manage digital and social media marketing  channels  for the company
  • Identify requirements to set in place social media guidelines and social media policies for employees and community building
  • Lecture
  • Case study analysis
  • Breakout group activity
  • Internet exercises and tips
  • Video review

Key Trends in Digital Marketing

  • Engaging the 21st century audience via online tools
  • Digital marketing trends: Malaysia vs global context
  • Keys to unlock online media: listen, connect, engage, measure
  • Case studies and examples

Branding and Identity Online

  • Posts, comments, photos, videos, social networks all shape your brand in the online world. What is the social web saying about your brand, product or service at this moment?
  • Search Engine Marketing: What is your brand value, messaging and linkability online
  • 10 tips on Google, basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and analytics
  • What tools to use to track, monitor and manage your social media brand online

Digital and Social Media Media

  • Four pillars of engagement: Content, Communications, Credibility, Community.
  • Choosing your channel: Blog, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Mobile Apps
  • Growing the community and basic guidelines to moderate comments and manage negative feedback.
  • Best practices of posting on digital media channels
  • Best practices in setting up a corporate account
  • Responding to queries – setting up a flowchart
  • Managing information overload and dashboards

Digital Marketing Case Studies

  • Lessons from a successful campaigns
  • Dos and don’ts on leveraging social network fans and followers.
  • Tips on using photos and videos.
  • Promoting events on social networks.
  • The power of viral videos and social media campaigns

Planning and Developing a Strategy

  • Framework for a digital marketing strategy
  • Evaluating resources, markets, competitor positioning
  • Setting objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Understanding your audience, segmentation and targeting
  • Understand the customer journey and online consumer behaviour
  • The impact of mobile on buying behaviour

Content Marketing and Engagement

  • Getting noticed with the content that prospects want to spend time with
  • Giving brands purpose and developing a strong creative proposition
  • Re-purposing for different digital channels
  • Pitfalls to avoid, how to plan for success
  • Planning and implementing   a  campaign  from brief to creative development and roll out
  • Tools for evaluation, reporting, tracking and refinement
  • Justifying budgets and convincing management
  • Examples of integration of online and offline activities