Effective Cash Flow Management for Emerging and New Managers

Course Introduction

The recent current  show’s  us that “He who has cash is king”. All successful companies which survived the recession with ease, and also profited from it had good cash flow. Attend this 2 days practical and interactive programme to ensure that your company is able to ride crisis with good cash flow management.

  • Emerging and New Managers with  accounting and finance responsibilities
  • Owners/Directors/CEOs of SMEs with non-financial background
  • Manage Your Company’s Cash Flow For Survival
  • Understand the Factors that affect your company’s cash flow
  • Be able to identify signals of cash flow crisis
  • Be able to restructure your company’s debt equity structure
  • Better budgeting for better cash flow
  • Interactive Lectures, Group Discussion, Examination of Case Studies and Practical Exercises

The Statement of Cash Flow

  • The distinction between profits and cash flow
  • The main types of cash flows
  • Identifying sustainable and non-sustainable cash flows
  • Indentifying possible future cash inflows and out flows

Identifying  Cash Flow Crisis

  • The final accounts
  • Ratio analysis
  • In-depth study of liquidity
  • Cash is King

The Importance of Cash Flow In Survival

  • Cash planning – Short term vs. long term
  • Decision Making – Liquidity or Profitability
  • Short and long term financing

Budgetory Planning and Cash Flow

  • Methods of forecasting cash flow
  • Key factors to consider
  • Cash flow in the current economic environment

Working Capital Management and Cash Flow

  • Inventory management & creditor Management
  • Cash in hand and petty cash management
  • Non trade inventory

GST and Cash Planning

  • Recovery of input tax
  • GST planning the fundamentals & cash optimisation
  • OUTPUT tax and cash planning

Cost and Cash Flow Management

  • Strengthening your cash flow through cost control
  • Cost cutting vs. cost reduction
  • The impact of E-commerce on cost
  • Supply chain management

Improving the Debt Equity Structure

  • Debt restructuring to improve cash flow
  • The plan and options available
  • Negotiations with lenders & creditors