Enhancing Analytical & Creative Thinking Skills

Course Introduction

Smart companies need smart thinking  people. For a company to grow and flourish and move beyond the business barriers to creativity and change, people must transform and breakthrough in their thinking abilities. It challenges the old paradigm and helps managers and executives to truly break out of the box… breakthrough thinking in action!

This programme develops the techniques of thinking, which can be enhanced and improved through attention, practice and use of various analytical and creative tools. The operating skills are quite different  from intelligence and very often many intelligent people are actually bad thinkers because they are caught in the “intelligence trap”.

  • Managers & Emerging Managers
  • Supervisors and Executives
  • Strengthen your thinking process
  • Free your mind and open doors to better problem-solving skills in your organisation
  • Anticipate conflicts and problematic situations
  • Consider all factors (CAF) when  analysing
  • Transform decision-making effectiveness
  • Set better aims, goals and objectives (AGO)
  • Inspire more successful teamwork
  • Encourage more effective communication
  • Stimulate more new and creative ideas
  • Build up more powerful thinking skills
  • Apply the analytical and creative skills
  • Simulators & Exercises
  • Group Discussion
  • Brainstorming approaches
  • Interactive presentations

Thinking as a Skill

  • Developing Thinking As a Skill
  • Developing the Big-Four: Respect-Trust-Commitment- Recognition
  • Analytical Thinking versus Creative Thinking
  • Eight Thinking Pitfalls to Avoid

Enhancing Analytical Thinking Skills

  • Situation Review and Environmental Scanning
  • Analysing Problems, Objectives and Solutions
  • Problem Potential Analysis
  • Vertical and Deliberate Thinking

Enhancing Creative Power Thinking Tool

  • Improving Brainstorming Application
  • Applying Practical Lateral Thinking
  • Fish-Boning Techniques
  • Mastering Force-field Analysis

Breakthrough and Transformational Thinking

  • What is Breakthrough Thinking?
  • What is Transformational Thinking?
  • Application of Breakthrough and Transformational Thinking
  • Thinking Simulation and Practice