Finance for Operational Management (Penang)

Course Introduction

In today’s global management and uncertain business conditions, there is a need for all business or functional heads to grasp and apply fundamental financial management knowledge, skills and techniques to manage their respective areas in order to become a truly, all rounded professional manager.   This practical programme uses real life case studies to assist those who want to acquire financial management competencies.

• Senior executives
• Managers
• Project leaders
• Operational heads

• Identify key trends in digital media
• Evaluate their online identity and brand presence
• Listen, monitor and track various digital and social media channels
• Choose the right channels to run their digital marketing campaigns
• Evaluate the pros and cons of various different campaign case studies
• Set the framework and map out a digital marketing strategy
• Manage digital and social media marketing channels for the company
• Identify requirements to set in place social media guidelines and social media policies for employees and community building

• Course Notes
• Lectures
• Individual exercises
• Team exercises
• Videos & Presentations
• Case Study

An Introduction to Accounting and Finance
• Familiarize with Key Accounting Principles
• Managers financial responsibilities

Understanding Costs & Costings
• Types of costs & costs components
• Fixed vs. Variable Costs
• Typical costs structures & how best to manage Overhead costs allocation
• Profit contributions & Margins
• Break even analysis
• Understand the various costing models and impacts
• Variance Analysis (P x V Drivers)

Budget Planning & Control
• The Business Planning Cycle
• Types of Annual Budgets
• The Budgeting Roadmap
• Key Budgeting principles
• Budget Control
• Variance Analysis

Managing Cash Flows & Capex
• Difference between Accounting & Cash Flow
• Projecting Cash Flows
• Payback periods & Project Financing
• Capex Justification & Capital Investment Appraisal
• Discount Rates & WACC
• DCF / NPV / IRR evaluations

Analysing & Evaluating Financial Reports
• Revenue & Costs Recognition
• What is Profit?
• Understanding financial statements
• Measuring business viability
• Returns in Investments (ROI / ROE)
• Financial Red Flags

Driving Profits Performance and Viability
• Improve revenue, reduce costs
• Enhance your business viability