Leading Creative Culture at Workplace

Course Introduction

Responding to challenges and problems with time-tested answers is an inevitable reflex action, considering  that we are pressed for time and we also wish to “play-safe”.  Consequently, we often hope to solve current and future challenges with answers that have worked in the past. The need for innovation and creativity in our workplace is more imperative today than any other time.

Situations and problems,  however, do change. Hence, optimising our creative actions and responses to the ever-changing situations would become priority in the 21st century. Instead of thinking with blinkers on, the organisation must free its old thinking from self- imposed shackles and nurture a more creative thinking environment, support more creative employees, turn around difficult and resistant employees and reward those who contributed to the success of the new initiative.

We must break through barriers, open windows of opportunities and create that extra potential with transformational thinking and action, especially when we think we have exhausted all avenues.

This programme allows the organisation to develop and nurture both creativity and innovation so that it can create new understanding, application and commitment for employees to the organisation  and a breakthrough to a different level of work attitude.

  • Managers
  • Executives
  • Understand the importance of breaking through to a different level of creativity and innovation to excel in the organisation.
  • Enhance your creative thinking and innovative skills and apply them.
  • Apply the right brain mode to a fuller capacity to enable to enrich the left brain
  • Go down unexplored avenues to find solutions to problems which the left brain mode cannot cope
  • Nurture your team’s creative and innovative potential.
  • Turn around the employees who resist creativity and block their creative potential
  • Build and support a creative and innovative environment within the organisation
  • Reward and encourage genuine creative efforts and contribution
  • Practical application of tools and techniques, coaching, role play and workshop based projects, exercises and simulation.

Innovation and Creativity

  • Introducing Creative and Innovative Skills
  • Using Your Creative Thinking Skills to Innovate
  • Controlling Your Creative Environment
  • Creative Thinking Versus Analytical Thinking
  • Developing Creative Potential


Readiness for Creativity and Innovation

  • Creativity and Lateral Thinking
  • The Art of Brainstorming
  • Mental Scripts Building
  • New Ideas Stimulation
  • Lateral Thinking As a Tool


Nurturing Your People’s Creativity

  • Nurturing that Creativity Knows No Bounds
  • Applying the Six Action Shoes
  • Removing the Obstacles that Slows Creativity
  • Patterns: The Rules of the Creative Game


Innovate or Perish

  • Seven Habits of Innovative and Creative Thinkers
  • Stretching the Challenge
  • Innovating or Perishing!
  • Moving People Into A Creative Mode
  • Achieving Mission Possible – The Future
  • Action Planning for Success