Management Fundamentals for Emerging Leaders

Course Introduction

By attending this programme, you will grow in confidence around your own management capabilities. You will gain greater self awareness and understand management fundamentals better. You will acquire some practical tools and skills and build a stronger support network of fellow emerging leaders to share experiences with and brainstorm problems together.

•  Administrators,  Executives and Junior Managers

  • Be able to plan and prioritise activities and workload effectively, demonstrating time management.
  • Interact with a  wider variety  of people  at work, including  co- workers, leaders, team members, suppliers, and customers.
  • Be able to discuss  improvement  ideas, solving problems  and negotiating with customers.
  • Taking proactive actions and becoming a   contributing team member
  • Feel comfortable with change, become agents for positive change and help others feel the same
  • To gain commitment  of employees  and co-workers  to solve problems on their own (rather than expecting others to provide solutions)
  • This is an experiential based and interactive programme. Participants will learn from their experience  through various activities  which includes participative  lectures, role play, group and individual presentations, case studies and exercises.

Planning and Organising

  • Importance of Effective Planning and Organising
  • Engaging in Proactive Planning

Engagement through Communication

  • Importance of Communicating Effectively
  • Creating a Climate of Open Communication
  • Listening and Speaking Effectively
  • Interaction Guidelines in Communicating With Others

Working As A Team

  • Types of Teams
  • Stages of Team Development
  • Team Success Factors
  • Roles in Team: Tasks, Functional and Maintenance

Driving and Managing Change

  • Basics of Change Management
  • Typical Responses to Change Initiatives
  • Phases of Change
  • Managing Change and Stress

Making Difficult Decisions

  • Decision Making Skills
  • How Emotions Affects Your Decision
  • Barriers to Effective Problem Solving
  • Taking Responsibility for Decision Making