Presentations Made Easy

Course Introduction

The goal of this programme  is to bring out the great communicator in each individual using NLP tools to positively influence others via an effective communication strategy using NLP tools. It will also increase individual’s trust on the power of communication to be perceived as a great leader and acquire the art of probing to encourage others to start talking, product/service benefit elaboration, followed by ‘sell to themselves’ statements.

  • First Level Managers across the departments who are new to public speaking and professional presentations

• Speak with purpose and effect in a range of context with the target audience by asking 5 simple questions
• Expand your professional business vocabulary to present ideas and express opinions
• Learn new techniques to engage an audience
• Learn to brainstorm quickly for preliminary ideas you can work on
• Master and apply non-verbal communication techniques to support your presentation
• Create simple yet powerful visual aids to enhance your ideas
• Manage Q&A sessions professionally using the TRAM framework
• Be able to design and deliver professional presentations

Experiential learning using  Individual &   Group Discussions, Presentations, Team Activities  and Video Presentation

A Quick Review of Fundamentals
• Structure of Presentations
• Know the Audience
• Brainstorm for Content

Analysing the Audience
• The 5-questions to ask about your audience
• Content Checklist Using MSG
• Informal versus Formal Styles

Managing Content
• Collaborative Group Work -The Sun Diagram
• Chunking and Grouping Information

English Language for Presentations
• Common Business Phrases
• Use Accurate Language, Concise Vocabulary and Avoid Wordiness
• Exercises in avoiding doublets, redundant words and time wasters

Body Language and Non-Verbal Communication
• What is Non-verbal Communication and How Non-verbal Language (CSR) confirm, support and replace information
• Grooming: Your Appearance and Personality in Engaging the Audience
• Role-play activities and short vids

Delivering the Presentation
• Introduction to Powerpoint rules
• Maximising AV Support and Setting Up At The Venue
• TRAM Framework for Managing Q&As
• Short educational videos
• Putting it all into practice: Mini-Group Presentations