Strategic Marketing for Business Success

Course Introduction

Today’s  dynamic business  environment  demands  that Marketing Managers, Brand Managers and product  planners ensure that the strategic marketing management of their products and services are aligned well with the overall vision of their organisations, provide profitable competitive advantage and executable tactical solutions for growth and prosperity of their businesses.

Today’s marketers need to be the driving force for change in creating lasting competitive advantage,   enduring brands and delivering unforgettable  customer  experiences. This programme  emphasises deep understanding  and sensible business  environmental  analysis focusing of the dynamic  business environment  of customers and competitors. You will then learn how to develop competitive strategies that are grounded on  delivering sustainable  and differentiated competitive advantage to your targeted customers.

Concepts that are presented will be linked to case studies  of best practice  companies  both foreign and local. Individual  and group exercises will stimulate learning and maximise the understanding and skills development of this programme.

  • Marketing Managers, Sales and Marketing Managers, Business Managers, Brand Managers, Commercial Managers, Strategic/ Corporate Planners and executives whose core responsibility is the strategic marketing management of their products or services.
  • CEOs of SMEs and other businesses or commercial planning managers can also greatly benefit from this programme.
  • Understand and appreciate the strategic marketing process and how it creates competitive advantage and effectively achieves business goals.
  • Learn techniques of customer and competitor analysis and learn the benefits of using specific tools and concepts in pre-empting new entrants and competitive threats into your business
  • Utilise strategy formulation tools in developing sustainable competitive advantage and delivering superior customer value in your targeted markets
  • Formulate effective integrated marketing communications programmes to realise the successful implementation of marketing strategies and build strong brands.
  • Presentation
  • Group Discussion
  • Individual Exercise

Orientation Of The Marketing Concept

  • The present day importance of marketing
  • How marketing has contributed to globally successful brands and companies
  • Managing customer satisfaction to sustain customer loyalty and increase profits
  • Aligning marketing and sales teams

Fundamentals Of The Strategic Marketing Process

  • Standard marketing planning framework and the planning cascade
  • Understanding the external and internal environments of organisations and how to determine opportunities and threats for organisations.
  • Learning the marketing mix in both product and service environments.

Principles Of Segmentation, Targeting And Positioning Of Customers

  • Analysing major segmentation variables
  • Determining profitable targeted customers for better business outcome
  • Effectively positioning your brand in targeted customers’ mind

Identifying And Assessing Competitors

  • Who and how they are threatening your business
  • ‘Porter’s five forces’ in determining current and future entrants and other competitive threats
  • Designing a competitive intelligence system that will obtain optimum and relevant information from the marketplace

Developing  Effective Marketing  Strategies  To Create Competitive Advantage And Superior Customer Value

  • Learning to use benchmark strategy tools and frameworks in developing competitive strategies and achieving competitive advantage.
  • Fundamentals of Branding
  • Achieving a well-aligned and executable integrated marketing communications programme