The Power of Branding!

Course Introduction

This programme aims to provide participants with some fundamental knowledge and insights into the importance of branding in building and growing businesses profitability, especially in today’s competitive environments.

Among the concepts that will be presented are creating brand identity, powerful brand building strategies and skillful brand management.

An essential  component  of the programme  is appreciating  that organizations need to create powerful customer experiences that become synonymous with their brands. Concepts that are presented will be linked to case studies  of best practice organizations both foreign and local. At the end of the programme, participants will be able to apply a fundamental  framework  in effective and successful branding  for their products and services  that will help achieve sustainable business performance and profits.

New Brand Managers/Product  Managers/Marketing  Managers, Sales and  Marketing Managers, Business Managers, Retail Managers, Operations Managers, Business Development Managers Entreprenuers SME CEOs/GMs.

  • Learn, understand and appreciate powerful brand building strategies.
  • Will appreciate the powerful link in creating strong customer experiences in developing powerful brands.
  • Will learn how to apply a brand architecture framework in creating and building a brand.
  • Interactive multimedia presentation
  • Facilitated group exercises and presentation
  • Group energizers and games.

Creating Brand Identity

  • Creating the powerful relationship between brand and customers.
  • Providing value propositions and credibility for the brand.
  • Leverage, rejuvenate and protect your existing brands to create customer loyalty and name recognition to  overcome  intense competition.
  • Positioning the brand to be distinctive and delivering competitive advantage.

Strategies for building strong brands

  • Charting the right course to establishing strong brands.
  • Marketing communications as primary driver to building strong brands.
  • Adapting the organization for brand building.
  • Concept of Brand Equity.