Time Management & Personal Effectiveness

Course Introduction

The ability to lead by example through the effective management and usage of time improves personal effectiveness and optimisation  on stress management at work. It also increases productivity  through delegation  and enhances  the general  overall effectiveness  of the workplace.  Hence, developing  positive attitudes towards time management improves techniques and processes effectively for better results.

  • Executives, Supervisors and Emerging Managers
  • New Managers and Managers
  • Identify strategies to recruit the best candidates for the right job and appreciate the key approaches for locating top-notch talent
  • Retain high potential talents in a competitive market
  • Develop the Talent Pipeline in the organization
  • Understand what top performers want from the workplace
  • Address retention issues by improving workforce planning, strategy and policy
  • Offer competitive compensation  and benefits – key to reducing costly turnover
  • Network with Human Resource experts & business leaders and delegates from various industries to exchange views and obtain professional advice

This is an interactive workshop designed to equip participants with practical skills for recruitment, interviewing and selection. Training is centered on interactive, activity-based, experiential and accelerated learning. Participants will be fully engaged for optimal learning and maximum results. There will an assessment and follow up with the participants 2 months after the workshop.

  • Branding & HR
  • What is Workforce Planning?
  • What is Competency based Talent Acquisition (TA)?.
  • What is a   Competency    Based Job  Description /  Position


  • What Competencies are required for  Talent   Acquisition HR professional  in order to be able to support an organisation strategically?
  • Using Competency data to ensure high yield in hiring
  • Using Competency data to create strategic Engagement activities for retention.
  • Essential Recruitment Metrics that should be tracked and analysed
  • Sharing Best Known Methods. (Practical Session)