Tools and Techniques for Strategic Planning

Course Introduction

The business world is getting more competitive and uncertain by the day. A key skill of managers would be the ability to quickly appreciate and understand the need for Strategic  Planning in a company.  They will have an opportunity  to share their current practice, discuss how other companies have done it and to then better understand strategic planning.

The next step would require them to initiate (or enhance) and carry out a strategic planning process. They need to know the key steps, tools and techniques to use to be able to do this effectively.

This 1-day workshop  provides  and explains,  in very clear steps, these useful tools & techniques plus how to apply them in a business case…. for practice.

  • Senior managers from any Function/Department
  • Middle level managers
  • SME owners
  • Ability to appreciate and understand what is strategic planning and the ensuing challenges & benefits this gives to the company
  • Ability to enumerate and describe the steps, tools and techniques of strategic planning and the requirements to ensure successful implementation
  • Ability to apply these tools and techniques and understand their implications in their own companies
  • Awareness of how other companies  have successfully  applied strategic  planning

Participants  will  be exposed  to  the challenges  and impact of Strategic Planning in companies.  Examples from industry will be quickly  analysed and explained.  The key tools and techniques will be showcased via explaining the steps and their significance with examples to illustrate.

Practice in applying  these tools and techniques will be through  a business  case and there will also be opportunities for sharing in- company practices. Finally, a summary  of the whole workshop key points should help the participants recap and re-inforce their learning insights.

  • Strategic Thinking into Strategic Planning – why need for it? what is it? Requirements & Benefits
  • Sharing own company practices
  • Steps, Tools & Techniques of Strategic Planning
  • How other companies have initiated and carried this out successfully
  • Practice Case: Strategic Planning in a competitive environment
  • Groups to present & feedback-sharing
  • Implementing Strategic Planning in your company– challenges & solutions
  • Testing the robustness of a Strategic Plan Summary of Learning Insights