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Our Strategic Goals

  • MIM to support the national agenda for professional management leadership, development and training.
  • MIM to renew (revitalisation), reposition (re-invention) and re-establish (resilience) itself over the next 5 years.
  • MIM to move to high ground in custodianship of national management thought leadership, standards, competencies and be a catalsyt for ‘managership’.
  • MIM to increase its membership base and provide ‘value package’ to stakeholders including members, alumni, supporters, councillors and Court of Fellows as well as the industri and government.
  • MIM to build MIM-centric and unique brand products and services, and re-focus on niche and core competencies.
  • MIM to identify new opportunities for revenue enhancement through lucrative, profitable collaboration alliance/partnerships, and to be profitable and growing.
  • MIM to enhance its brand and image in Malaysia and overseas.
  • MIM to play a leading role and build regional and global reputation.
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